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On the road to becoming a holistic telemedicine provider of sexual and reproductive health for women

Bambi Francisco Roizen interviews Amy Fan & Bruno Van Tuykom, co-founders of Twentyeight Health, which raised $5.1 million in seed funding last October.

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Here are some takeaways: 

-- Twentyeight Health, which comes from the 28-day average menstrual cycle, provides telemedicine and sex educational services to underserved women who are on Medicaid or have no insurance (a population representing 60% of all women in the US). It currently focuses on helping women get birth control pills.

-- On Medicaid: 30 percent of black women; 24 percent of Latino; 19 percent of Asian/Pacific Islander; 14 percent of white.

-- To make this service more widely available, Twentyeight Health is partnering with community colleges, non-profit organizations and eventually payers. Bottomless Closet is an example of the companies Twentyeight Health partners with.   

-- Currently 40 percent of its users are under 25 yrs old.

-- There are other prescription medication delivery newcomers out there but Twentyeight Health’s services are strictly focused on womens’ health. Its goal is to provide comprehensive end-to-end services, such as pre- and post-natal care to menopause.

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