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Kristin Karaoglu · February 5, 2021 · Short URL:

Digital coach guides bodyweight training exercises that can be done quickly and at home

Bambi Francisco Roizen interviews Kornelius Brunner, CTO of Freeletics, a fitness and lifestyle app.

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Some takeaways:

  • Freeletics’ goal is to help people improve physically and mentally anytime and anywhere. For those with no space, money, time, equipment or motivation -- Freeletics is worth a try. The foundation of its program is bodyweight training exercises that can be done quickly and at home.
  • Freeletics has 50 million users around the world training with the app, which is essentially an AI-driven virtual coach. The programs run for six weeks to 12 weeks.
  • Freeletics uses AI to gather data from across its users to create personalized training regimens for all its users based on data, such as age, weight, height, fitness level and constraints (time, equipment).  
  • Freeletics motivates users by helping them set the right expectations. Setting the right expectations helps users achieve them and create habits. The community also serves to motivate.
  • Freeletics is a subscription service. You can pay for three months, six months to 12 months. Three months is roughly $34.99 while a year is $74.99 - a 25 percent savings. 

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