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Steven Loeb · January 27, 2021 · Short URL:

CipherHealth helps automate and facilitate better communication between patients and providers

Steven Loeb and Bambi Francisco interview Jake Pyles, CEO of CipherHealth, a company that develops and implements SaaS based patient-engagement solutions to improve healthcare. CipherHealth has raised $55.5 million in venture funding. 

For these digital health podcasts, our goal is to also understand these three high-level questions: How are we empowering the consumer? Are we creating productivity that also allows us to see overall economic costs go down? How is this advancement changing the role of the doctor?

Highlights from the interview:

  • By automating communication, the CipherHealth is taking the manual tasks off the plate of the doctor and nurse, freeing them up to focus on providing quality care, and making them more efficient and effective. 
  • The company does analytical reporting around how it can improve readmission rates and the quality of clinical outcomes. The company often shows a 10 to 20 percent improvement around readmissions and its programs are designed around different kinds of chronic conditions, such as COPD. 
  • CipherHealth's customers are payers and providers, but it does do some work with payers, and it has started to dabble more in that space as new models emerge.
  • The approach to patient engagement has been fragmented. Now because of COVID, the way that patient engagement is done is being rethought so that the experience is customized for the patient, creating a stronger relationship that leads to better outcomes.
  • CipherHealth started as a post-discharge outreach player, and then it took those capabilities into preventative, appointment reminders, care gaps, post-visit instructions, and post-visit satisfaction. Most recently the company built rounding applications, helping nurse manage care delivery and patient experience inside the hospital. Now it has started to do pre-care, managing appointment reminders, scheduling and referrals as well.
  • The platform is easily customizable and can be designed for different types of use cases, which came in handy during COVID, allowing healthcare systems to determine when to reach out to patients who were discharged with the disease.
  • CipherHealth's mission is to empower purposeful healthcare conversations and ensure that it's delivering the right information, at the right time, leading the patient to the right care setting via the right modality, and allowing the patient experience to be customized and individualized. The goal is to help strengthen the relationship between the patient and the provider, and make the patient more loyal to them.

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