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Psychapps creates mobile games that build mental resilience

Bambi Francisco Roizen interviews Silja Litvin, founder and CEO of Psychapps, maker of digital mental health games, such as eQuoo. eQuoo was recently selected by consumer goods giant Unilever to be its mental health app for its global marketing campaign CLEAR hair care products.

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Some takeaways:

- Litvin was encouraged to start a mobile app for mental illness to improve access to care, given the scarcity of services, which lead to long wait lists. She also notes that on average, a person will spend two minutes on a mental health app and delete it after two weeks.

- Psychapps creates games for 16-35 yr olds that are designed to increase mental resilience. Its first game eQuoo allows people to build their own avatar and learn psychological skills through different adventures. On average, people have been on the app for 15-20 minutes a week and 17 percent of players finish the five-week course.

- eQuoo was selected by Unilever to promote its anti-dandruff shampoo called Clear. The idea is to associate the cleansing or clearing of dandruff from hair with cleansing the mind of mental illness. The goal is to have 140,000 downloads plus measure the efficacy of the game. 

- Psychapps sells its games to corporations to offer as a health benefit to their employees. Unilever's hair division is currently a customer.  


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