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MedArrive enables paramedics to be hired for at-home care services

Bambi Francisco interviews Dan Trigub, CEO of MedArrive. MedArrive leverages a network of trusted EMT providers who act as a bridge between patient and physician, providing medical support to patients when and where they need it.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Dan Trigub helped to build the health divisions at Uber and Lyft. About 1% of Medicare/Medicaid spend or $6 billion a year is on transportation. Payers and providers can use ride-sharing to provide transportation for patients. Uber also provides meal and prescription delivery to patients.
  • Redesign Health incubated MedArrive and brought in Trigub.
  • Platform that empowers people to get care in the home from EMTs (emergency medical technicians) or paramedics, an underutilized labor force. EMTs and paramedics typically work three 12-hour shifts. They typically make minimum wage to $25-$30. Many are looking for extra income.
  • MedArrive partners with staffing agencies to tap into EMTs. MedArrive has roughly 20k EMTs on its platform. MedArrive enables them to practice at their highest level (chronic condition management).
  • The core belief is that clinical care is moving to the home because hospitals cannot sustain the excess demand for their services. There is no “humanity” in telehealth. So MedArrive is a bridge between telemedicine and on-site care.
  • MedArrive is seeing demand and is equipped for the following services: transitional care post-discharge; urgent care (UTI, wound care, asthma); chronic condition management for Medicare/Medicaid population.
  • ET3 is a relatively new regulation allowing reimbursement for paramedics providing treatment in homes.
  • MedArrive is hiring AGGRESSIVELY! MedArrive is also seeking partnerships with payers and providers, particularly for those with Medicare Advantage plans. MedArrive is also seeking to integrate with telehealth platforms as well. 


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