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Website SEO Checker & Audit Tool: Get Your Free SEO Score

Are you looking for the best seo checker tools for auditing your website? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Checking the SEO of a website is very important if you want to improve your site or page's credibility. SEO checker or auditing tools can help you find about the quality of the content you are having on your website, the relevancy of the content with respect to your niche, credibility of external links, and other meta information that is contributing to the authority of your website!

Here are the best website seo checker tools for leading generations!

Website SEO score checker - SmallSEOTools

If you want to check your website's seo score and your competition, you are sure this is the best tool for you. With this seo checker website tool, you can easily get results within less than three to four seconds. This seo checker tool's working process is very easy, and you don't need to be an expert in this field to get actual results. This seo checker tool's working is based online, and you can use it on any device by using this You have to insert your website's link in the upload bar and press the 'check seo score' button. This seo checker tool will analyze the website completely and will get you results in less than five seconds. With the results produced by this tool, you would be able to:

  • What is going on the website on a general level?
  • Seo issues on your website and how you can easily fix them.
  • You can easily see what's working for your website and what not
  • You can easily identify what needs to be replaced and what needs to be improved.

Woo Rank

The Woo rank checker tool is another service available on the internet. You must know that this website seo checker is free to use. It can audit your website in less than seconds without any complications or registrations. This website seo checker tool checks and reviews your website in the same way as Google does. The audit report generated by the tool would provide you with actionable insights. This checker tool would tell you about your title tags, meta descriptions, heading, and keywords used on the website. You would also get to know about the different aspects of your site that you need to improve.

SEO Optimizer

The seo optimizer tool is another free service using which you can easily audit your website and get reports about the site's credibility. You can not only check the metrics of your website with this tool, but you can also find out about the details and generate a complete audit report on any other website. This website tool is very much famous for providing details of a competitor. These details can help a lot in the personal improvement of different aspects of a website. This tool can also tell you about the different keywords and phrases that are best suitable for your site and relevant to the niche you are working on.

My site auditor

This is another tool that can help you in auditing your website or one of your competitors. This is also a free auditing tool that can help you get simple but detailed reports about your website's position concerning different search engines. The tool offers three different types of audit reports and checking levels. The first one is large, the second one is the slim analysis, and the last one is the small and concise analysis and reporting. This website seo checker can get you a reliable report in less than fifteen seconds. With this seo checker tool, you can also check your logo's growth and acceptance on the digital platforms.


This is a reliable tool that can help you check your website for seo score and alert you if something goes off. You have to register yourself with this tool and enter the domain of the site that you need to audit. The tool would regularly check the website and would tell you if there is any need for improvement. This seo checker service would also provide you with solutions for the troubles you are having on your website and that too for free. This tool is ranked among the easiest to use and intelligent tools found on the internet in 2020!

SEO Site checkup

This seo checker tool provides users with complete access to the toolbox of the site. Using the toolbox, you can easily help yourself analyze, audit, and monitor a domain for all sorts of factors that affect your site's authority score. This website tool can tell you about at least thirty ranking factors and their status concerning your website. You can also get 'how-to' tutorials with this website tool. You can use this website seo checker for free for two weeks, and after that, you have to pay for the services!

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