Data validation platform, Anomalo, secures almost $6 million in seed funding

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Funding will be used for both product development and go-to-market plans

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Data and data management continues to be a hot topic in 2020, as companies implement new technologies to better use the mass amounts of data they have on customers, potential customers, and more.

Now, data validation platform, Anomalo, has announced that it has raised $5.95 in venture capital funding. Both First Round Capital and Foundation Capital participated in the round.

At its core, Anomalo helps businesses take their large pools of data (typically stored in what is referred to as data warehouses) and combs the data to help validate it. According to CEO Elliot Shmukler, in a statement to Crunchbase, the company's use of machine learning to creating rules for validation is what helps set the company apart from other similar offerings.

Data validation is important because, without it, machine learning models and things of that nature could be dealing with bad data sets. If those aren't caught, it can be a compounding issue as more things are built on top of the bad data sets.

In addition to validating data warehouses, Anomalo's cloud-based software-as-a-service (which can also be set up on a virtual private cloud) can help companies with finding specific data and data sets that are stored in the company's data warehouse. Think of it as a supercharged search that helps you surface the best data for the task at hand.

Anomalo's client base currently consists of a "handful" of customers, but Shmukler tells Crunchbase that they want to "be at a place where we have 10 to 20 significant enterprise customers," to help show a market fit.

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