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Kristin Karaoglu · December 17, 2020 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/517c

The healthcare AI-navigation platform is the Waze map directing patients to the right info

Bambi Francisco Roizen talks to Andrew Le, CEO and co-founder of Buoy Health, a healthcare AI-navigation platform that lets patients easily find the information they’re seeking. Just as Waze mapping app gets you to where you want to go, Buoy can direct you to the right care decisions.

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Some highlights:

-- Le talks about the company’s beginning: focusing first on the clinical components because until someone understands what clinical triage is needed, they won’t know what insurance decisions to make

-- Le talks about how Buoy isn’t really replacing the nurse triage person or physician assistant, but adding a new AI layer, much like Waze maps didn’t replace any jobs but added a layer of efficiency for consumers. Today 72% of people start their healthcare journey at Google. Buoy wants to be that starting point.

-- Le talks about the company’s business model and how Buoy was able to convince three competing insurance companies to invest in his company

-- Le talks about how the company originally started selling to health systems and not payers

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