Healthcare in Politics Conference Session 4: Data, data, data

Kristin Karaoglu · December 15, 2020 · Short URL:

Healthcare technologists, policy advisors largely lean toward opening in-person schools

COVID data should be available to ensure scientists, innovators, policymakers are all leveraging the same data to make collective progress. Is the government handling data correctly? What new data has telehealth created? What new tests are helping collect data faster? What new predictive analytics, preventative and precision technologies are we leveraging to better track who's getting exposed and who's spreading the virus?

Moderators: Archana Dubey (Global Medical Director, HP), Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder & CEO, Vator) Speakers: Ed Simcox (Former CTO, US Health and Human Services), Ann Mond Johnson (CEO, American Telemedicine Association), Donald L. Luskin (Chief Investment Officer, TrendMacro), Damika Webb Barr, J.D. (Policy and Government Relations, Verily Life Sciences), Rajiv Bhatia, MD, MPH (Physician, Palo Alto VA)

Healthcare in Politics is hosted by Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder & CEO, Vator), Archana Dubey (Global Medical Director, HP) and Mark Goldstein (Chairman, UCSF Health Hub)

Thanks to our sponsors: UCSF Health Hub, HPAvison YoungAdvsr ScrubbedAlchemist Accelerator, and Stratpoint

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