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Freespira finalizes $10 million in financing for digital therapeutic to address panic attacks, PTSD

Bambi Francisco Roizen interviews Dean Swayer, CEO of Freespira, a digital therapeutic to address panic attacks and PTSD. Sawyer talks about how Freespira is addressing the physiological cause of panic attacks, such as a high sensitivity to carbon dioxide (CO2). An estimated 3 percent of adults have a panic disorder in a year. Panic attacks are also twice as high for women than men. Freespira is an alternate to psychotherapy or medications. Psychotherapy is expensive while medications are expensive and also have debilitating side effects, not the least of which is addiction. Freespira's treatment is designed to normalize a person's respiratory rate by having them focus on their breathing twice a day for 17 minutes each day over the course of 28 days. The efficacy rates are high: 86 percent of patients were panic-attack free right after treatment and 79 percent were panic-attack free 12 months out.


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