Shippo releases its 2020 State of Shipping report for the unprecedented year

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Shipping delays, carrier confidence, and increased sales during COVID-19

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COVID-19 is still very much here and continues to affect many facets of our lives. With the holidays upon us and shipping times being a hot topic, Shippo has released its annual State of Shipping report detailing some of the stats and hardships of 2020.

For reference, Shippo is a company that helps ecommerce businesses simplify the shipping process, while offering various integrations with platforms like Shopify.

This year, Shippo has again collected a bunch of interesting stats regarding shipping in 2020, but there are a couple of highlights worth mentioning here. If you are interested in the entire report, however, make sure to check out the website here.

One of the biggest surprises from those Shippo surveyed relates to carrier confidence. While many people have experienced shipping delays in earlier portions of the year, 69% of those surveyed are somewhat or very confident that carriers like USPS will be able to keep up with holiday demands.

Interestingly enough, ecommerce shop owners that are confident in their own operations are more confident in shipping carriers, as well.

To add to that, 58% of merchants state they have seen shipping delays this year due to COVID-19 issues.

Another highlight, and one that is a bit lower than expected, is that 57% of shoppers said their online shopping has slightly or significantly increased during COVID-19.

Finally, a bit more "standard" shipping stat, over 65% of businesses stated that shipping made up 15% or less of the average order value.

Again, you can find the full Shippo State of Shipping report here.

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