DoNotPay will now let people report businesses for tax fraud

Josiah Motley · November 25, 2020 · Short URL:

The robolawyer that helps people cancel subscriptions and automate refunds is adding a new feature

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DoNotPay is known for its varied services, including canceling subscriptions, joining class-action lawsuits, and automating the refund process for purchases. Now, it's adding a new option to its suite of tools.

Announced this week, DoNotPay will allow users to quickly and easily report a business for tax fraud. DoNotPay will then contact the appropriate parties and if any additional information is needed, the IRS will contact you for info, or to let you know you've received a bounty for the report. This means that users could see up to 30% of the total value owed as a reward.

DoNotPay uses natural language processing for many of its features and the same is true for the tax reporting feature. The company's CEO, Joshua Browder, tells TheNextWeb, "We’ve been able to leverage cutting-edge developments in Natural Language Processing and Understanding, and have been hard at work incorporating these features for usability in streamlining consumer service correspondence and legal accessibility."

The new service joins a stable of others from DoNotPay. The most recent, a feature that helps users find and sign up for clinical trials in their area

As mentioned above, there are also features for canceling subscriptions, as well as services that help you sue robocallers and instantly request refunds. Obviously, there is a cost, with the full range of services running subscribers $3 per month.

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