Daily funding roundup - November 24th, 2020

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CharityVest has raised $2.3M; Konnecto landed $3.5M; Flyreel secured $10

Phood: Phood is a New York-based platform that's using waste tracking and analytics to cut food waste and help food businesses build more resilient food systems and supply chains. Phood has raised $2 million in seed funding. New Stack Ventures and Story Ventures co-led the round. Read more

CharityVest: CharityVest is an Atlanta, Ga.-based fintech startup that enables users to create their own tax-deductible charitable giving accounts, known as donor-advised funds. CharityVest has raised $2.3 million in seed funding. Investor Tom Blaisdell, formerly of DCM Ventures, led the round, joined by Teamworthy Ventures, Duro.vc, Sovereign’s Capital, and Promus Ventures. Read more

Opteran: Opteran is an England-based silicon chip maker that aims to give robots and machines improved senses and navigation. Opteran has raised £2.1 million ($2.8 million) in seed funding. IQ Capital led the round, joined by Episode1, Seraphim Capital, and the Northern Triangle Initiative. Read more

Konnecto: Konnecto is a New York-based customer intelligence platform for marketers. Konnecto has raised $3.5 million in seed funding. TPY Capital led the round, joined by Differential Ventures, Magna Capital Partners, SeedIL Ventures, and Hike Ventures. Read more 

Hasty.ai: Hasty.ai is a  Berlin, Germany-based maker of annotation tools used to speed the work of machine learning engineers, data scientists and software developers. Hasty.ai has raised $3.7 million in seed funding. Shasta Ventures led the round, joined by coparion and iRobot Ventures. Read more

Audoo: Audoo is a London-based audio meter company that captures actual played music using real-time data to help performing right organizations digitize and streamline their processes. Audoo has raised £5.2 million ($6.2 million) in Series A funding. Investors included ABBA singer-composer Björn Ulvaeus and Tileyard London. Read more

Mother Raw: Mother Raw is a Toronto, Ontario-based maker of plant-based dressings, marinades, dips, and condiments. Mother Raw has raised $6.1 million in Series A funding. Forage Capital Partners led the round, joined by Export Development Canada and Whitecap Venture Partners. Read more

Altana AI: Altana AI is a New York-based startup, selling a shared artificial intelligence model of the global supply chain to help governments, enterprises, and financial institutions  manage risk. Altana AI has raised $7 million in seed funding. Amadeus Capital Partners led the round, joined by Schematic Ventures, AlleyCorp, and Working Capital. Read more

Flyreel: Flyreel is a Denver, Co.-based startup that equips property insurance providers with ground-level interior and exterior property data to improve their underwriting and claims outcomes. Flyreel has raised $10 million in Series A funding. IA Capital Group led the round, joined by Guidewire Software, Gradient Ventures, State Auto Labs, and Donan Engineering. Read more

Dija: Dija is a U.K.-based startup that will offer convenience and fresh food delivery by building out hyper-local fulfillment centers in urban centers. Dija is raising $20 million funding led by Blossom Capital. The company's founders both worked formerly at Deliveroo. Read more

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