Video: "Becoming Us" session on seeing purpose as a gift to share with others

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BetterHelp's 11/19 "Becoming Us" session on "Purpose" with Joy Berkheimer

This is the video for our November 19 Becoming Us program, brought to you by BetterHelp.

For the November sessions, the discussion focused on finding your purpose in a pandemic. BetterHelp therapist Joy Berkheimer facilitates group sessions while Bambi Francisco Roizen moderates. The session is a guided group discussion where entrepreneurs and professionals ask questions but also share their journeys, struggles, and/or success stories through COVID, and this time of uncertainty.

Remember our takeaways: How do we align our purpose with our basic needs such as 1) Survival 2) Love & Belonging 3) Power 4) Freedom 5) Fun? Purpose is a gift we share with others. The gifts the group said they'd share with others were: Gratitude, grace, forgiveness, patience, power of decision-making, inspiration and empowerment, space to allow for magic to happen, and humility. 

Becoming Us is a program designed to understand why we have storms in our life vs how to weather the storm in order to help us be prepared for the new normal and future storms. This series is brought to you by Betterhelp. It was inspired by a post written by Bambi Francisco Roizen titled: In this new normal, who do we become?

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