SignalWire Events gives event organizers a way to create more full-fledged digital events

Josiah Motley · November 11, 2020 · Short URL:

Virtual conferences are here to stay, so giving organizers more options allows for better events

With basically all conferences being canceled due to COVID-19 and that most likely continuing for quite some time, companies are turning to virtual events and meetups to help fill the gap.

That said, most video platforms only offer basic functionality, so trying to run full-blown digital events is difficult, if not outright impossible. SignalWire, a video collaboration platform, is looking to change that, with a new Events feature that attempts to bring better digital conferences into the home.

Essentially, the SignalWire events feature lets organizers curate conference-like experiences for users without any type of app or program, everything is browser-based. 

Some of the features include layouts that put both the speakers and the audience on the screen, making both parties feel more engaged during the talk.

While that's nice, the highlight here is the virtual venue and rooms, which allows organizers to set up virtual meeting halls that allow guests to see what is going on during the conference - think of it like walking the halls of a traditional event.

You can see available sessions with a short description, preview the talk, and join instantly. Organizers can also set up casual lounge-like rooms for people to mingle, as well.

For closed talks, you can also add a PIN so only certain people can join the room instantly, which is a nice touch if you are offering premium invitation options.

Finally, there are features that allow people to "warm-up" before going on stage, pre-recorded intros and outros, transitions for different layouts, and organizer controls for basically everything.

Currently, you'll need to contact SignalWire to learn more about the feature, how it works, and getting it set up for an event. That said, the company does note that it is developer-friendly, giving organizers a couple of options for setting everything up.

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