Interview with Adam Guild, CEO and founder of ProfitBoss

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A look at delivery services and why something like ProfitBoss may be better for local restaurants

Right now, many of us are staying indoors and minimizing our time spent out in the world. That means more grocery delivery and more homecooked meals. 

It also means more delivery from restaurants in your area. While there are platforms like Uber Eats and GrubHub, many of these have their own issues when it comes to the restaurants and their fees.

Obviously, food delivery is huge right now and it makes sense that restaurants should order some time of delivery service. That's where something like ProfitBoss comes in, which integrates directly into a restaurant's current workflow, making food delivery a service for them and not a hassle.

I had the chance to (virtually) sit down with Adam Guild, CEO and founder of ProfitBoss to learn a bit more about the company and how it differentiates itself from other third-party delivery options like Uber Eats.

In just a couple of sentences, what is Profitboss?

We build online ordering systems for restaurants which they then link to their websites to receive free online orders.

What inspired the creation of the company?

Building technology to save my mom’s dog grooming business and realizing that I could help millions of other business owners by applying that technology to their businesses.

How easily could a restaurant integrate your system into their current workflow?

Very easily. It takes less than 2 minutes because we integrate into the kitchen printers to automatically print out orders when they arrive.

What are you doing differently than your competitors? Aligning incentives. We only make money if we make our restaurant partners a lot of money and we never take from their profits. Instead, our system is free for them and monetizes by just charging the ordering customer a small $1.50 fee per transaction.

I imagine COVID-19 and shutdowns have drastically changed how restaurants operate right now - is Profitboss something that can help these businesses?

Absolutely. It helps by saving the average restaurant thousands of dollars each month on fees they would otherwise pay to companies like GrubHub and by helping them use their customer data to market.

How does delivery work, exactly

Partnerships with DoorDash and Postmates that allow us to use their drivers.

Anything new coming to Profitboss in the coming months?

More features to help restaurants better market to and engage their customers.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions, anything you'd like to close with?

It’s the most important time to support local restaurants. Not the massive corporations with huge bank accounts. The ones owned and operated by people in your community.

But it hurts them to order from platforms like Uber and GrubHub because those services take all of the profits. Calling or ordering directly from their website instead helps them maximize their profitability without costing you more.

I'd like to thank Adam for taking the time to answer some of my questions.

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