What do you need to know about life without politicians?

Lucinda Stawel · October 23, 2020 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/511f


We grow up watching the politicians controlling our country. This observation inculcates us that a country without a politician is like a wild horse without a rider to hold its reins.

But, the reality is totally opposite to this perception. We think that we could not lead without someone directing us. The truth is we can lead and lead in a better way without these politicians if we have the power to make our decisions.

The collapse of the politicians’ sultanate would transfer the rule to the public, and this should be the norm because we are the ones who get most affected by the government’s policies and decisions. How could someone think of our betterment more than ourselves?

However, there is a great debate between the political goons and the ‘Freedom’ rationals concerning how the governing decisions would be made if the parliament is dissolved?

Tell them; this is the 21st century, that has unprecedented innovations to its name. We can create a #NoBordersNoPolitics parliament app to collect the public’s votes.

It’s no lie that most of the problems that we are facing together are the blessing of these politicians. Their ever-growing greed and avarice have dragged the world into never-ending chaos. Their self-oriented agendas and schemes have caused enormous damages to humanity. Their desire for power will never end, but we will end if we don’t take the step now.

It’s time to rise and struggle for the ‘Freedom For All.’ It’s time to free ourselves from the grip of so-called leaders, who have taken us for nothing more than their slaves. It’s time to break your silence and stand by the cause #NoBordersNoPolitics.

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