Daily funding roundup - October 20th, 2020

Kristin Karaoglu · October 21, 2020 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/511b

Quake landed $2.5M; Index raised 2.6M; Decentriq secured 3.8M; Vectary picks up $7.3M

YPC Technologies: YPC Technologies is a Montreal, Quebec-based company at work on kitchen robotics technologies. YPC Technologies has raised $1.8 million in seed funding led by Hike Ventures and Real Ventures, with added participation from Toyota AI Ventures and Uphill Capital. Read more

Quake: Quake is a New York-based subscription podcast company. Quake has raised $2.5 million in seed funding led by Wndrco. Read more

Index: Index aims to help non-technical users build business intelligence dashboards without coding. Index has $2.6 million in seed funding from entrepreneur-investor David Sacks, Slack, Gradient Ventures, Y Combinator and other individual investors. Read more

Conducto: Conducto is launching a toolkit for simplifying complex CI/CD and data science pipelines. Conducto has raised $3 million in seed funding led by Jump Capital. Read more

Abodu: Abodu offers three customizable housing models that are made to order and can be delivered to homeowners in as little as 12 weeks. Abodu has raised $3.5 million in seed funding led by Initialized Capital. Read more

Synthetaic: Synthetaic is a Milwaukee, Wi.-based startup working to create images that can be used to train artificial intelligence. Synthetaic has raised $3.5 million in seed funding. Lupa Systems led the round, joined by Betaworks Ventures and TitletownTech, which is a partnership between Microsoft and the Green Bay Packers. Read more

Jam: Jam is a collaboration platform that builds chat, comments and task management directly onto a website. Jam has raised $3.5 million in seed funding. Union Square Ventures led the round, joined by Version One Ventures, BoxGroup, and Village Global. Read more

Decentriq: Decentriq is a data security startup. Decentriq has raised $3.8 million in seed funding. Btov Partners led the round, joined by Paladin Capital Group and Atlantic Labs. Read more

Polymarket: Polymarket is a New York-based blockchain-based finance application meant to be an auditable, low-friction, globally accessible bazaar of real-time knowledge. Polymarket has raised $4 million in funding. Polychain Capital led the round, joined by numerous notable individual investors, including Naval Ravikant and Balaji Srinivasan. Read more 

Flick: Flick is a live group chat platform for sports influencers and their fans. Flick has raised $5 million in Series A funding. AlleyCorp led the round, joined by Bullpen Capital, Everblue Management, Amity Ventures, and Courtside VC. Read more

Welcome Homes: Welcome Homes is a New York-based startup that aims to allow customers to custom-order homes online. Welcome Homes has raised $5.4 million in seed funding led by Global Founders Capital. Read more

Vectary: Vectary is a Redwood City, Ca.-based company that says its 3D design tool works in the browser and enables users to create AR content for e-commerce, web or retail. Vectary has raised $7.3 million. EQT Ventures led the round, joined by earlier investor BlueYard. Read more

Fabric: Fabric is a modular e-commerce startup that pitches itself as ideal for online sellers who've outgrown Shopify but don’t want the expense of Salesforce tools. Fabric has raised $9.5 million in seed funding led by Redpoint. Read more

Neuromod: Neuromod is a Dublin, Ireland-based medical device a non-invasive bimodal neuromodulation treatment for chronic tinnitus. Neuromod raised €10.5 million in Series B equity and debt funding. Fountain Healthcare Partners led the round, joined by Moffett Investment Holdings, Medical Device Resources, Kreos Capital, and SVB. Read more

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