The New Song BlackPink Ft PewDiePie: Is It Going To Be Any Good?

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The New Song BlackPink Ft PewDiePie: Is It Going To Be Any Good?

You may hear it that something amazing is coming, yes it is the new song featuring one of the most popular Youtuber BlackPink and one of the most-rated K-pop Girls group. So, one can expect when these two will be merged to feature one fascinating song, it’ll probably going to be a hit.

The song’s name is not confirmed but tagged as BlackPink Ft PewDiePie. If you never listen to a BlackPink featured song, that might be an unbelievable fact then let me make you familiar How the BlackPink group got this much popular and why this song is expected to be rated this much?

The BlackPink K-pop girls group is got popular in no time due to enormous talent and amazing songs. The early success of this brand was seen in 2016 when several mini-albums were released and each album contains the rated songs that were highly appreciated by the listeners. The two things that make this brand this famous are the talent and prettiness which is expressed through its name.

The name BlackPink is unusual and distinctive which only symbolizes the fact of two colors for the normal being but it is more than just colors. The color pink personifies prettiness while the group name is tagged as BlackPink which expresses that it’s not only pretty enough to have an engaging effect but also each member in the group is talented enough.

So, for now, it’s enough for the introduction, without cutting down the main context let’s see how BlackPink Ft PewDiePie is expected to break through the industry and when it’ll be released.

What type of Song is BlackPink Ft PewDiePie?

The BlackPink is a group of K-pop dancers/singers.K-pop is not a music genre but it is considered to be an idol in South Korea as these people are trained throughout their childhood to reveal they’re true talent whether it is singing or dancing.

PewDiePie said in one of his clips that he loves K-Pop that’s why he decided to launch a song with the K-pop group and what is more ideal than BlackPink.The genre of this song is not yet revealed but it’ll be sophisticated with mixes of different beats and will have a Black/Pink touch.

Fans are curiously waiting for the Youtube to have a notification about BlackPink Ft PewDiePie because the name is not revealed yet So, we only know the title. But it is going to break through the music industry and is expected to be highly encouraged by the fans of both communities.

Live Counter for BlackPink Ft PewDiePie:

As the song is presumed to be one of the most popular songs on Youtube and also expected to break the one-day view counter.

The live counter is revealed for the BlackPink Ft PewDiePie which features the exact time for the song to be released, The remaining time for the song to be released in less than a week that makes the fans more excited and mad for the song to come out.

You can visit the BlackPinkftPewDiePie site to check the live counter and subscribes to the BlackPink channel to get a youtube notification.

Is it going to beat the records of previous BlackPink’s Hits?

It is only an expectation as the previous albums by BlackPink also very much rated in the top platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

But as the BlackPink’s new song is featuring the famous youtube PewDiePie then it can be expected that it’ll break the previous records as the fan following from both sides combined and excited for the song which is presumed to be a great success point for the song to break the youtube records.

The only thing for the PewDiePie’s fans that matters the most is to see the PewDiePie with the BlackPink group and listen to the lyrics. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are continuously get posted with the expressions of fans for the outcoming of the song and discussion is happening all over these platforms. Not only in South Korea and the US but all fans over the different regions of the world are curiously waiting for the song.

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