Here's why you should attend the Healthcare in Politics event on October 7

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We have a great array of guests from both sides of the aisle and from around the country

We're only about two weeks away now from the Healthcare in Politics salon, hosted by Vator, HP and UCSF Healthhub, on October 7, where we will have healthcare industry executives, policy makers and investors coming together to discuss some of the most pertinent questions in healthcare right now.

Topics will include: the differences and overlaps in healthcare policy initiatives. What are the new technologies being used and could be improved to keep Americans safe while reopening schools and businesses? Are we aligned in our goals to understand the data to capture?   

Here just a few of the reasons to attend our Healthcare in Politics event: 

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We have some of the brightest minds in healthcare from both sides of the aisle!

Healthcare is a hot-button political issue, with the Affordable Care Act, the response to COVID and plenty of other things dividing people along ideological lines. That's why we have invited people from both the left and the right to give us their views.

On the right we have conservatives like Ed Simcox, who was the CTO for the Department of Health and Human Services under President Trump, and Sally Pipes, President and CEO at the Pacific Research Institute. On the left we have Ami Bera, a Democratic U.S. Representative for California, and Emily Barson, Executive Director at United States of Care, and former Director of Intergovernmental and External Affairs at HHS under the Obama administration. 

We want to have a wide range of ideas, which will lead to more interesting discussions.  

Startups,entrepreneurship,ideas,free pictures, free photos - free image  from needpix.comMeet some of the hottest healthcare startups! 

Ever since Vator has been holding its own startup competitions, we've identified some very successful and notable winners that have gone on to raise big funding rounds including Thumbtack, Turo, Udemy and Apartment List, to name a few.

This year will be no different. With the help of Alchemist Accelerator, we found some intriguing startups helping the healthcare system during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Presenting will be Ashish Dua, CEO and co-founder of Glidian, a company streamlining communication between providers and payers, starting with prior authorizations; Georges De Feu, CEO of LynxCare, a big data platform for hospitals and clinics; Anurati Mathur, Co-founder and CEO of Sempre Health, provider of a behavior-based healthcare pricing platform; and Wanona Satcher, Co-founder and CEO of Mākhers Studio, a maker of modular shipping container spaces.

Emceed by Ethan Prater from Alchemist Accelerator, we will have two VCs on hand to ask questions of these founders: Hubert Zajicek, CEO, co-founder and Partner at Health Wildcatters, and Adam Sharkawy, co-founder and Managing Partner at Material Impact.

The Night Lights of the United States (as seen from space)… | FlickrSpeakers from all around the country!

While we usually do our events in-person, making them a great networking opportunity, COVID has forced us to conduct them virtually. 

It's hard to find any silver lining in COVID, but this does allow to have have a broader array of guests, and not just those in the San Francisco Bay Area. That is especially helpful when talking about politics, as wow we can have people who are close to the action in D.C., like Amber Hewitt, Director of Health Equity at Families USA, and Joel White, President of Horizon Government Affairs. 

We also have David Blumenthal, President of The Commonwealth Fund, which is based in New York, and  Ann Mond Johnson, CEO of American Telemedicine Association, which is based in Arlington, Virginia, and Trish Regan, host of Trish Intel podcast, who joins us from Connecticut.

Now we can have a broader, and bicoastal, discussion on the issues affecting the country. File:EDLP 1.JPG - Wikimedia CommonsLow prices!

The best thing of all: you get all of this for the low price of just $90 but 75% off if you're a Vator member.

Register here to join us on October 7!

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Anurati Mathur

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Hubert Zajicek, MD, MBA

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Co-founded Health Wildcatters, which I also run. I specialize in healthcare companies / startups (digital health/ mHealth / medical device companies) where I have spent most of my time.

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Amber Hewitt

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Director of Health Equity at Families USA

Joel White

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Executive director of the Health Innovation Alliance, a coalition of patient groups, provider organizations, employers, insurers and other stakeholders that advocates the use of data and technology to improve health care.

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