OCM Helps Students Redo their Rooms for College

Tyler Scott · September 22, 2020 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/50f4

Making your room fit your style

During the COVID-19 pandemic, college life hasn’t been the same. Many colleges went from in-person to online education at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year, and many have started school again in the fall of 2020 under remote learning conditions.

Students may feel disappointed that they are not experiencing college life in the way it should be experienced. Parties, graduations, and other celebrations have been cut out, and students are not able to socialize with their friends in the way they would have hoped. In some cases, college students are at home in their own childhood bedrooms, trying to cope with online school.

OCM recommends that you make your room over with a “college” style to lift your spirits. Even if you can’t leave your home, you can enjoy the fun of making over your bedroom with supplies you will later be able to use in your dorm room.

OCM College Style

A College Facelift

Students who have been hoping to go away for college may be disappointed that they can’t be on campus, making new friends and enjoying student activities. When you give your room a college facelift, you will feel more able to relax and study and you will be prepared for your future move.

Replace your bedding with a fresh and updated style. This is a great time to move away from the accessories that you may have chosen as a young teenager. You can put a stylish rug on the floor to help complete the transformation.

When it comes to decorations, your dated posters and photos can be taken down in favor of more mature decorations. It is a good idea to frame new photos of your friends and family members. You will enjoy having those with you when you are able to move to your dorm room.


Storage is another area where your bedroom could use an update. Clean out your closets and use hanging organizers for your sweaters, shoes, and other accessories. Throughout your room, add decorative bins and other places to stash your things.

Set Up Your Desk

In order to have a productive online learning environment, you will need to take distractions out of your room. Set up a neat, clean desk area with a comfortable chair and all the peripherals you need to go with your laptop or desktop computer. Make sure that your desk area stays neat so that you will not be distracted by random objects. This will also keep the space clean for books and other study materials.

Fun Additions

If you want to make your room a college-style hideaway, it is a great idea to create a coffee station. This way you can keep your own stash of study drinks and snacks out of the family’s reach. Having your own Keurig, fun mugs to choose from and an assortment of K Cups can really help you feel like you’re living in a dorm.

Care Packages

When college students are able to leave their family homes, they are often excited but nervous. Having a care package from parents or other family members can help to relieve homesickness and save students a trip to the grocery store to buy snacks. Having a care package makes students feel like they are not forgotten by their families, and it can also make a student popular on their dorm floor if they have plenty of snacks to share. Students will remember these care packages long after college has ended and will think fondly of the family members who sent them. OCM sells a wide variety of care packages for every occasion with convenient subscription options.

Coping with Online Learning

Students may find to their dismay that online learning is much harder in college than it was in high school. Students are expected to manage their own coursework with less help from professors. Study skills are even more important in college than they were in high school. Absorbing work through textbooks and online assignments can be difficult.

OCM recommends that students take advantage of the study help offered by college learning centers. Even though campuses are not open, these offices should still be able to provide students with the assistance that matches their personal learning style.

Be sure that you keep in close touch with your professors, even if you can’t see them in person. Professors want to make connections with their students, and if you can set up Zoom meetings, phone calls, or emails you will be set apart in your professor’s mind. Professors would largely rather be teaching in person, and they understand if you need extra help.

The New College Experience

As the pandemic continues to evolve, college life will return to normal. The question is whether it will happen in the short term or in the long term. When you restyle your bedroom to make it more like a college dorm room, you will feel better able to cope with your new coursework.

OCM offers a wide variety of products from bedding and decor to care packages to help a college student feel at home.

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