Data.World, a cloud-based data organizer, raises $26 million in capital funding

Josiah Motley · September 16, 2020 · Short URL:

The company focuses on helping businesses catalog and understand their data

By this point, it should be abundantly clear that data drives our world. But with all that data, comes a need to organize it and that is no easy task.

Now, Data.World, a company that specializes in that very subject has announced that it as raised an additional $26 million in funding. Cofounder and CEO Brett Hurt notes that funding will be used to "accelerate its data governance initiatives and scale to meet demand."

The funding round was led by Tech Pioneers Fund, with participation from Breyer Capital, Prologis Ventures, Alumni Ventures Group, and more. In total, Data.World has raised $71.3 million.

At its core, Data.World helps businesses organize their mass amounts of data by cataloging different sets and applying that to a variety of business processes. Data can also be hard to understand and finding certain things can be difficult, especially for people that might not deep in the data field. The company applies natural language search that can make finding relevant information easier, as well as provided automated graphs that tie your data together so you can gain a better understanding of various correlations.

In an email to VentureBeat, Hurt tells them, "Building thriving data cultures that empower everyone in an enterprise to make smarter, data-driven decisions is no longer a story of transformation. It’s an absolute imperative."

He goes on to state that "This requires a foundation of technology and agile processes that starts by making enterprise data findable, accessible, and understandable. Our customers rely on Data.World’s enterprise data cataloging and governance capabilities to help them meet their critical business goals and thrive in this new economy.” 

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