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Kristin Karaoglu · June 25, 2020 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/5070

Eren Bali of Carbon Health, Bruce Harrison of El Camino Health, Sunny Kumar of GSR Ventures

This week we continued the discussion around the Future of Virtual Care with El Camino Health Medical NetworkCarbon Health, and GSR Ventures. To join us for the main virtual conferences on July 1 register. Check out the agenda

Speakers: Bruce Harrison (President, El Camino Health Medical Network), Eren Bali (Co-founder & CEO, Carbon Health), Sunny Kumar (Partner, GSR Ventures); Hosts: Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder & CEO, Vator), Archana Dubey (Global Medical Director, HP Health Centers, HP) And Thanks to our sponsors: HPAvison YoungAdvsr Scrubbed, and Stratpoint.

Here are some takeaways!

20:24 - Carbon Health has a new avenue of business, which is helping companies as they open up their businesses. 

21:38 - How perception/vision of virtual care has changed since March
- Bruce Harrison - importance of seamless integration; Wifi connections; behavior
- Eren Bali -- virtual care has two uses: 1) urgent care with 24/7 virtual component 2) Existing doctor having a complimentary virtual component
- Sunny Kumar -- the universe of what can be done under virtual care has expanded; "You went to a world in which physicians thought you could do 15% virtual and that’s flipped around, now 80% can be delivered virtually."

36:31 - How the real estate footprint will change
- Eren Bali - there will be a hybrid pop-up clinic between physical clinic and virtual care; he calls it the last-mile physical footprint
- Bruce Harrison - until there's better visibility around reimbursements, it's hard to reinvent a future where the provider can't get paid

43:05 - How to address immigrants and under-served communities
- Sunny Kumar - Need to enable phone usage since 30 million Americans don't have broadband access
- Eren Bali - Also have to deal with payment solutions since many Americans don't have credit cards

52:22 - Patient satisfaction
-- Bruce Harrison -- Patient satisfaction has gone way up

59:13 - Virtual care adoption outside the US
-- Sunny Kumar - Other countries are farther ahead either because as in the UK, the payer/provider are aligned under NHS and in Asia, it's a tech-first approach

1:02:55 - Why there isn't more interoperability with data

1:28:00 - Silver lining that virtual care has brought
- Bruce Harrison - COVID changed virtual care
- Sunny Kumar - We'll know more about social determinants of health and how to holistically care for patients
- Eren Bali - We'll have more devices to provide care at a lower cost
- Bambi Francisco Roizen - We'll move toward more preventative care

Join like-minded executives to talk about getting back to the new normal. Join us July 2 for Vator and BetterHelp's "Becoming Us" series to weather the storm. 

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