How doctors can collect unpaid medical bills during COVID-19

Kristin Karaoglu · April 27, 2020 · Short URL:

Interview with Mohammad Gaber, CEO of Wellpay, which helps manage your healthcare bills


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Bambi Francisco Roizen (Vator Founder & CEO) speaks with Mohammad Gaber, Founder & CEO of Wellpay. 

Wellpay is a doctor's medical bill concierge, communicating and interacting with patients so past bills can get paid up -- in some cases, within a day. Wellpay also helps patients understand their bills and pay them down. It's an important service as healthcare providers are on the front lines of dealing with COVID-19.

Not only are they dealing with an unprecedented virus, where screening and testing protocols are still evolving, and antiviral drugs and vaccines are proliferating but yet fully deployed, they're feeling financially burdened as business-as-usual and the corresponding revenue has shut down, along with the entire country. Some clinics are closing temporarily. Mayo Clinic Health Systems shutttered two clinics to relocate staff to clinics that are responding to virus cases. Scripps Health has also shut down three clinics to relocate staff to Scripps hospitals. Ballard recently closed six urgent care facilities due to low patient volume. 


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WellPay was founded by a passionate team of healthcare and fintech leaders to modernize and remove financial barriers from healthcare experiences.


By removing financial stress from the healthcare billing experience, our goal is to make alternative healthcare payments effortless and accessible for everyone.


Through the development of proprietary credit, payment, and patient journey management technology, WellPay’s platform is uniquely tailored to solve for better payment experiences.


WellPay enables all healthcare providers to innovate for tomorrow’s patients with effortless flexible payment options, driving superior cash flow, elevated brand experiences, and long term patient loyalty.


Mohammad Gaber

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