How to save money during the coronavirus

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Podcast Series: Interview with Trim - a personal assistant that can save you money!

Bambi Francisco Roizen (Vator Founder & CEO) speaks with Thomas Smyth (Trim Founder & CEO). Trim is a personal assistant (go to 

During this pandemic, everyone is tightening their purse strings for fear they won't have enough money to live if there's a recession, or worse yet - a depression. To this end, one way to save money is to drop extraneous subscriptions and/or lower the interest rates on your credit card. If you're on your own, or head of your household, or even a small business owner, you can use Trim and they'll go through your bills and call your cable company, CC company, phone company, etc and bring down your expenses. They'll even try to bring down your medical bills. Whatever bills you have, Trim founder Thomas says: Don't pay them yet! "There are major write-off opportunities." So first try to get relief, or at least Trim can help you do so. Trim only gets paid if they save you money.

Here's some other ways to save money during this time. 

--The Treasure and IRS are postponing tax filings and payments by 90 days! Individual states, such as California, are doing the same. 

--Homeowners can delay mortgage payments by 12 months. Homeowners should contact their mortgage provider today!

--The government is allowing the postponement of federal student loans for two months.

--Credit card companies may waive fees! Call your credit card company today, or have Trim do it!  

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