Meet health insurance disruptors: Wellpay and Twic

Kristin Karaoglu · December 16, 2019 · Short URL:

#InventHealth Future of Health Insurance 2019 @HP

At The Future of Health Insurance, the latest healthcare salon held by Vator, UCSF Health Hub and HP, one topic of conversation that came up was how to empower consumers to take more control over their healthcare, and their insurance benefits.

In the second session of the event, Christina Murphy from UCSF Health Hub emceed the startup presenters; Mohammad Gaber (Co-Founder & CEO, WellPay) and Jason Fan (Founder & CEO, Twic) presented their companies. 

Thanks to our sponsors Avison Young, ScrubbedStratpointUCSF Health Hub and HP.

Invent Health can help startups make connections to strategics and investors in the following areas. If you want to present on stage and get insights into specific areas, we'd love to get to know you. We are looking for startups in the following areas: - Mental and Behavioral Health [apply]; In-home devices [apply]; Wellness, Lifestyle as medicine [apply]; REGISTER for March 25, 2020: Future of Mental and Behavioral Health)


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WellPay was founded by a passionate team of healthcare and fintech leaders to modernize and remove financial barriers from healthcare experiences.


By removing financial stress from the healthcare billing experience, our goal is to make alternative healthcare payments effortless and accessible for everyone.


Through the development of proprietary credit, payment, and patient journey management technology, WellPay’s platform is uniquely tailored to solve for better payment experiences.


WellPay enables all healthcare providers to innovate for tomorrow’s patients with effortless flexible payment options, driving superior cash flow, elevated brand experiences, and long term patient loyalty.


Mohammad Gaber

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Co-Founder & CEO, Wellpay

Jason Fan

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