The customer service startup that uses AI tools, Gorgias, has raised $14 million in Series A funding

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The platform helps free up customer reps and gives them the tools to upsell on Shopify-based stores

If you've ever worked in retail or, more specifically, online ecommerce, you know how hectic it can be when dealing with a bunch of questions and live chat inquiries. As someone who's been there, let me tell you, it's no fun.

Many times, questions can be answered with copy and paste snippets or with a quick search of your website's backend, but around popular shopping periods especially, these can become overwhelming.

Luckily, there are options like Gorgias to help ease the load. Gorgias is a customer service product for ecommerce websites that utilizes the popular Shopify platform and it is coming off a Series A funding round of $14 million.

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With the service, you can connect social accounts, email, text messages, and live chat into one platform to help streamline the process. In addition, because it is used within Shopify, customer service reps can quickly make changes to orders without having to leave Gorgias. This means that reps can also be looked at as additional sales associates, helping not only secure orders that may be on the fence but upsell, as well.

Co-founder and CEO Romain Lapeyre reinforces that line of thinking, telling TechCrunch that these employees can be looked at as “sales associates rather than customer service agents.”

This is all bolstered by the use of AI and other automation tools to keep these associates from being bogged down with basic questions. Things like "Where's my order?" and "What's my tracking number?" can be answered effortlessly through the use of these chatbots. 

Pricing for Gorgias starts at $50/month and goes up from there.

As for what the funding round will be used for, Lapeyre tells TC that it "will use the money to build out the product with new features while also bringing on more merchants."

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