At #InventHealth: when will robots become our doctors?

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Executives from Doctor On Demand, Notable Labs and Evidation Health will be joining us on 9/12

This week, Vator, with partners HP and UCSF Health Hub, will host our September 12 salon focused on "Reinventing the doctor," where we will be talking to healthcare entrepreneurs and investors about the evolving role of the doctor in an increasingly tech-driven space.

Healthcare is so tech-driven, in fact, that only a machine can make sense of the data in a timely fashion. They're helping doctors screen for diseases so they can get treatments to patients faster; They're helping doctors modify treatments so they're more personalized. They're also helping deepen the doctor/patient relationships to a more frequent cadence.  

At the event we'll discuss all of this with our audience and the dozen experts we've invited to get the conversation started. We wrote about Dr. Michael Abramoff who invented the first augmented AI device to detect diabetic retinopathy. Read Bambi Francisco's story here: Why eye disease is fertile ground for autonomous AI

Other medical professionals joining us are the following:  

Ian TongDr. Ian Tong, Chief Medical Officer at Doctor on Demand

Dr. Tong has been with Doctor On Demand since 2013, and has also been a professor at the Stanford School of Medicine since 2006. He is an experienced physician with a history in digital health, clinical program design, and medical education. He graduated from UC Berkeley, University of Chicago and Stanford Internal Medicine.

Doctor On Demand is virtual care provider whose platform provides patients with access to board-certified physicians, psychiatrists, licensed psychologists and a care coordination team via video visits, voice and messaging. The company allows consumers can access quality care in all 50 states with an average wait time of five minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It connects over two million patients nationwide and has hundreds of enterprise customers including four of the Fortune 10 companies, and over two dozen health plan partners. 

Hiroomi Tada MD PhDDr. Hiroomi Tada, Chief Medical Officer at Notable Labs

Tada joined Notable in February of this year, after spending over three years at Incyte as TitleExecutive Director, Immuno-Oncology Development and then VP Targeted Therapies, Translational Sciences. Previously he had spent time as Assistant Professor of Surgery at Temple University Hospital, and was Director of Clinical Research at AstraZeneca.

Notable is using an AI platform to redefine cancer treatment. Its technology combines AI with an automated lab to determine which drugs or combination of drugs will be most effective for specific types of cancers, enabling drug companies to recruit the right patients into clinical trials. 

Malay GandhiMalay Gandhi, SVP of Business Operations at Evidation Health

In addition to his role at Evidation, Gandhi also an active angel investor in early stage, health-focused startups and advises a number of leading health tech companies. He previously served as an EIR at Greylock Partners and prior to that he led Rock Health as its CEO and Managing Director. As an investor, Gandhi originated early stage investments in companies that include Benchling, Collective Health, Evidation, Honor, Solv, Stride Health, Virta, and Welkin. His research and work in health tech have been cited in the The New York Times, Financial Times, CNBC, NPR, Bloomberg, USA Today, Inc., BuzzFeed, and The Information. 

Evidation Health is a health data analytics platform for life sciences organizations, providers, payers, and digital health companies. It collects patient data from over 100 different sources, including wearables and medical devices, including Apple Health, Fitbit, Epic, and Dexcom, and then analyses patient behavior and health in real time. Its clients use that information to determine which medicines and treatments work best and to spot significant changes in a patient's health faster. It currently collects data on more than 2 million people. 

Have questions about how technology will transform the role of the doctor? Join us and Tong, Tada and Gandhi will surely be able to answer them. 

If you want to attend, register here:

Join the audience: 

35 percent: Startups

20 percent: Investors

17 percent: Payers/providers

15 percent: Scientists/physicians

We'll also take a deep dive into these questions: 

As the doctor capacity expands enabling them to work at their highest level, what exactly are they doing and what new technologies are supporting them?

What technologies are alleviating the doctor's time dealing with interacting and updating electronic medical records?  

With more doctor-on-demand services, is there anything wrong with not having a primary care physician to provide continuity of care?

If you'd like to add to the discussion, join Bambi Francisco Roizen, Dr. Archana Dubey, Global Medical Director at HP, and Mark Goldstein, Chairman of UCSF Health Hub:

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