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Startups are: Circle Medical & Motiva Health

Editor's note: Reinventing the doctor is on September 12. Register now

Vator and HP held the second salon of 2019 called The Future of Clinics, where a group of entrepreneurs from startups, such as One Medical, Heal, Solv, and Crossover Health, got together to discuss the changing way that care is being delivered, and what that means for the future of the doctor's office. 

This segment was emceed by Hosain Rahman (CEO, Jawbone Health and UCSF Health Hub Senior Advisor), it featured innovations around the future of clinics.

Presenters were: George Favvas (CEO & Co-founder, Circle Medical), Kale Ptacek, DC, CCSP (Co-Founder & CEO, Motiva Health

Thanks to HPUCSF Health HubAvison-YoungScrubbedStratpoint, and Advsr. Register early for Reinventing the doctor on Sept. 12 at UCSF. Speakers include Keith Rabois, Partner at Founders Fund. REGISTER HERE.

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Motiva Health


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Motiva Health specializes in a next generation, hands-on approach to onsite conservative care. We address the largest medical cost driver for employers, musculoskeletal disorders.

  • 16% of employer healthcare budget is consumed by musculoskeletal (MSK) care
  • A total of $874 billion was allocated to MSK disorders in the U.S. in 2015 (including treatment costs and indirect costs)
  • 290.8 million workdays were lost due to back and neck pain alone in 2012

This trend will continue to rise unless there is a better solution to MSK care.

Using a Direct Contract Value Based Care model, Motiva Health partners directly with employers to provide onsite access to MSK specialists. Our hands-on, conservative approach provides employees with the most effective care possible, decreasing healthcare spend and lost hours from work.

Combining on-site physician accessibility, convenient mobile scheduling, personalized rehabilitation tracking, and next generation 3D patient education - our experience is centered around the patient and designed exclusively for the employer.

Motiva Health Employer Slide Deck

Circle Medical


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Circle Medical is a technology and AI driven primary care practice based in downtown San Francisco.

We are the fastest growing primary care practice in the city and use AI to automate both patient and provider-facing features.

We are in-network with all PPO and most HMO plans, with no membership fees, and our board certified providers treat patients in our clinic and virtually.


George Favvas

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CEO & Co-founder, Circle Medical

Kale Ptacek

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Founder & CEO, Motiva Health