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Josiah Motley · July 30, 2019 · Short URL:

The "idea-to-cloud" platform will streamline the current web hosting offering from OBS

If you want to be competitive in the world of mainstream app development, web design, and other internet-based services, then having a strong infrastructure is key. You can't have your site constantly bogged down, or worse, crashing, as this will quickly push your customer base away.

You also need to be able to implement changes quickly and efficiently when needed or possibly create testing environments to ensure a smooth experience when pushed live. This is again where a strong framework can improve the experience for founders, developers, and, eventually, the customer.

Today,, a company that calls itself an "idea-to-cloud" platform, with customers like The Economist and Pinterest, has announced an "upgrade" to their partnership with Orange Business Services. As part of this upgrade, will be using their "Platform-as-a-service" to help migrate 6,000+ websites that fall under OBS's shared hosting platform.

The goal is to take these various websites (many of which use different Content Management Systems) and transfer them from the shared hosting platform to individual standalone projects under the infrastructure. 

For many traditional methods, this would be a pretty daunting, timely undertaking, but should be simplified thanks to's easy integration tools.

This type of service also extends past enterprise solutions, which is definitely nice to see, as money, time, and appropriate skill can be much more difficult for SMBs to obtain.

Fred Plais, CEO and co-founder of notes, "We’re very pleased to extend the scope of the partnership with Orange Business Services’ Cloud entity. For three years, our teams have worked effectively together, and this new project is getting some very strong traction in the enterprise market. It will also allow us to help smaller businesses benefit from the huge productivity and performance improvements, and the significant cost savings provides.”

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