Daily funding roundup - June 20th, 2019

Kristin Karaoglu · June 20, 2019 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/4e33

Xealth raised $3M; Humanising Autonomy landed $5.3M; Zeakal secured $10M; Rhumbix closed $14.3M

Xealth: Xealth is a platform for digital health, enabling clinicians to prescribe and monitor digital tools from within the EHR workflow. Xealth has raised $3 million in Series A funding from Atrium Health, the Cleveland Clinic, and MemorialCare Innovation Fund. Read more

Humanising Autonomy: Humanising Autonomy is building the global standard for human machine interactions. Humanising Autonomy has raised $5.3 million in seed funding led by Anthemis Group. Other participants in the round include Global Brain Corporation, Amplifier and Synapse Partners. Read more  

MAX.ng: MAX.ng is an app-based platform that coordinates motorcycle taxi and delivery services for individuals and businesses, has raised $7 million in new funding led by Novastar Ventures, with Yamaha also participating. Read more

ZeaKal: Zeakal is a plant science company developing technology to vastly increase the yield and oil content of multiple crops. Zeakal has raised $10 million in funding from Canopy Rivers. Read more

Vynca: Vynca is a uniquely collaborative company working at the intersection of software and medicine. Vynca has raised $10.3 million in Series B funding. Investors include First Trust Capital Partners, OCA Ventures, Spectrum Health Ventures, Generator Ventures and the Ziegler LinkAge Longevity Fund. Read more

Rhumbix: Rhumbix is a mobile platform designed for the construction craft workforce. Rhumbix has raised $14.3 million in Series B funding led by Blackhorn Ventures and Tenfore Holdings. Other participants in the round include Greylock Partners, S28 Capital, South Park Ventures, and Glynn Capital also participating. Read more

Swvl: Swvl is a bus booking network. Swvl has raised $42 million in additional Series B funding from a refreshingly global syndicate of backers. The round was co-led by Swedish VC Vostok Ventures and Dubai-based BECO Capital, with China’s MSA, US-based Endeavor Catalyst, Oman’s OTF Jasoor Ventures, Egypt’s Sawari Ventures, Kuwait’s Arzan VC, Dubai-based Blustone, San Francisco-based Autotech, and Property Finder’s CEO Michael Lahyani joining in. Read more

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