Research startup RealityEngines.AI closes seed fund round at $5.25 million

Josiah Motley · June 12, 2019 · Short URL:

Funding will be used to create a research and dev team focused on AI and machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to find their into our lives, whether we like it or not

The same can be said for business, where companies both big and small are looking for ways to use data in conjunction with AI to improve their reach, connections with current customers, and just overall improve the business.

Helping solidify that point, a research startup with a focus on making data more useful, RealityEngines.AI, has announced a seed fund round coming in at $5.25 million.

The funding round was led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and a founding board member of Google, Ram Shriram.

Others in the round include Khosla Ventures, Paul Buchheit, Deepchand Nishar, Elad Gil, Keval Desai, Don Burnette.

According to the press release, the funding will be used to "create a research and development team that is focused on AI and ML research to solve hard real-world problems and create pay-as-you-go cloud managed services that are easily accessible to organizations of all sizes."

The company plans to accomplish this through a three-pronged approach:

  • Train accurate AI models with incomplete/noisy data
  • AI-assisted machine learning
  • Build explainability and fairness into AI and machine learning systems

Currently, RealityEngines does not have a product, but the company wants to make data for enterprise companies easier to understand and dissect.

While that is not necessarily anything new, RealityEngines wants to, according to TechCrunch, be able to do this with smaller, and sometimes messier, data sets that previously would not have been as much use.

You can find the full press release here.

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