Startup Showcase #inventhealth Future of Behavioral and Mental Health @UCSF

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Startups are: Ellipsis Health, Lucid Care and Palo Alto Health Sciences

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Vator and UCSF Health Hub held the first salon of 2019 called The Future of Mental and Behavioral Health, where VCs, innovators, and adopters (payers/providers) discussed how mental and behavioral health startups are creating solutions to help those suffering from mental health conditions. 

This segment was emceed by Mark Goldstein (Chairman, UCSF Health Hub), it featured three companies, all of which are developing new and innovative solutions for how to help people deal with their mental health problems. 

Presenters were: Mainul I. Mondal (Founder & CEO, Ellipsis Health), Rebecca Mandel (Co-Founder and CEO, Lucid Care), Christopher Lento (Chief Commercial Officer, Palo Alto Health Sciences)

Thanks to UCSF Health Hub and Vator for hosting the event and to our sponsors: BetterHelpAdvsrAvison YoungScrubbedHP and Stratpoint.

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Lucid Care


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Lucid Care increases patient adherence for centers treating drug and alcohol addiction

The opioid epidemic is on the rise. With high patient drop-out rates from treatment programs, relapse prevention is a major challenge, creating a revolving door of patients unaware how to manage their chronic disease throughout their lives. Lucid Care offers a Virtual Reality platform used in treatment centers that increases patient engagement and retention by reducing anxiety and cravings within minutes.  

Treatment centers are able to increase their revenues significantly by receiving full insurance reimbursement for program completion.

We create and analyze proprietary patient data, enabling clinicians to offer personalized, results-based care and intervene high risk patients before they drop out or relapse.  Long term, patients can continue the healthy coping habits they’ve learned and join tele-health sessions with their colleagues at home as part of their life long recovery.



Palo Alto Health Sciences


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Palo Alto Health Sciences is a privately held Kirkland WA-based digital therapeutics company founded in 2013.  Our flagship product, Freespira, is an FDA cleared, evidenced-based treatment indicated for patients diagnosed with panic attacks, panic disorder and PTSD.  Freespira corrects the abnormal respiratory patterns associated with these conditions by training the patient to normalize their breathing rate and exhaled CO2 levels. Freespira is medication-free, takes only one month to complete, and is used at home. Results are long lasting, and treatment is authorized by a licensed healthcare provider and can be delivered by a behavioral health clinician or a Freespira coach.





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Ellipsis Health is creating a behavioral health vital sign using natural speech.  Initially starting with depression due to its significant impact on society Ellipsis enables frictionless and scalable screening of behavioral health conditions to enable the patient to get the right care at the right time in the right place.


Mark Goldstein

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Managing Partner, Founder, Bad Ass Advisors

Christopher Lento

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Chief Commercial Officer, Palo Alto Health Sciences, Inc.

Rebecca Mandel

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Co-Founder and CEO at Lucid Care

Mainul I. Mondal

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Founder & CEO, Ellipsis Health