Hacks to Improvise your Social Media Management

Jennifer Aniston · May 29, 2019 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/4e0e

Hiring a social media management company that can streamline your effort is a good idea though.

Owns a business?

Using Social Media to increase your brand’s exposure and conversion?

I have observed that social media is so big and sophisticated that if you allow it to trap you, it can take days or even weeks to optimize it.

So, one of the most important factors that the brightest brands do while managing their social media for business is to do it timely.

Hiring a social media management company that can streamline your effort is a good idea though.

So, what’s so tough about social media management?

Where to begin with?

The most important task while running a social media campaign is to ensure engagement with your audience. Now, if you don’t know, it is quite an arduous task to accomplish.

Because responding to every prospect’s or customer’s feedback, criticism, query, complain or praise isn’t an easy thing.

Having this said, social media is still an extraordinary weapon for brands to grow exponentially.

Being a business owner, you wish to promote your content to a maximum audience – this too can be achieved through social media platforms.

Mentioned-below are best hacks of social media management that would escalate your brand’s exposure to a vast audience and provide you with expected returns.

Set your preference

Do you know how many people use social media currently?

As per stats, around 3.196 billion people are active on social media platforms. Now this is a good thing as you have such a vast lot to select your audience and also bad because covering each channel is too tiring and expensive.

I haven’t seen any business that’s maintaining its growth rate and also tapping every social media channel available.

This is why, as a business owner, it becomes paramount to incline your focus on the sites that are most popular.

In some cases, even that would be more than enough!

You should regard what your business targets and what your brand message is before deciding the channel you want to work on.

For instance, whether it is about popularity, targeting young audience or being the channel where people spend most of their time, Facebook holds the highest rank.

This means that you need to schedule and check the content posted on Facebook daily. However, the same isn’t the case with Twitter.

So, outline the outcome you want to accomplish through your social media marketing and narrow down your focus to platforms that work for your brand with least of your efforts.

Keep an eye on the entire social media

Don’t get scared.

It’s not what it sounds like.

Any social media manager or expert would know what it means to check the social account of the business on a daily basis.

All these marketers and experts are looking for brand mentions, questions to answers, direct messages, feedback, etc.

If your brand is eyeing multiple social media platforms, a lot of time would be consumed in creating, optimizing, scheduling, and managing content on each dais.

So, I would suggest you adopt a practice that any competent social media management company will practice – to utilize a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer that can help you in handling different accounts from one place.

This reduces your time-consumption and will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your social media endeavors.

A mix match of content updates

Above-steps covered, now you require the content that you can share.

So, the next step is to compile the content and how to do so?

Yes, you have your own content and that’s good – but is that enough?

However, if you are only sharing your own content, that’s a bit of old trick that needs resurfacing.

The latest trend is sharing and curating other content. This is often regarded as a sign of being a thought leader.

Research tells that half of the biggest brands tweets ten times a day. Any brand, however big it is, cannot hold such a vast quantity of curated content of its own.

So, by sharing and curating content through tools like Feedly and Hubspot, you can get relatable content on a daily basis.

Smart approach

If you would hire a social media management company, you would notice that it will not just handle your brand tasks but is simultaneously taking care of several other businesses.

This, they are able to do by practicing batching and re-scheduling.

Batching means singling out one day out of an entire week to spend more time scheduling and curating a colossal content so that during other days you need to spend only 5 minutes on the same.

This saves a tone of your time.

The second tip is to make sure that you reschedule your content every two weeks.

These are the tips that a competent social media management company would take and that you should implement.


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