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Seth Serxner from UnitedHealthcare Optum at #SplashXInventHealth

Serxner talks about lifestyle as a medicine and how to get people engaged

Innovation series by Reena A Jadhav
December 26, 2018
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Here's my interview with Seth Serxner, Chief Health Officer and SVP of Population Health from UnitedHealthcare Optum. 
I caught up with Serxner at Vator and HP's SplashX Invent Health series titled: "Vitality: Lifestyle as a drug."

Serxner talks about what drives people to engage in behavioral changes around mindfulness, sleep, nutrition and exercise. He said getting people to be compliant to help themselves has a lot to do with "culture". People are also more likely to do for others than they do for themselves, said Serxner, referring to what incentivizes people to act differently. It's probably why people with religious views live longer than those without according to countless studies. Those with religion live for someone or something other than themselves. 

As for how to get a product into UnitedHealthcare Optum - it may sound obvious, but Serxner is looking for a product that can scale to 50 million people.   

Thanks to HP and Vator for hosting the event. Thanks to HP for being the main sponsor and thanks to our other sponsors: Avison YoungAdvsrStratpoint and Scrubbed


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