How To Create The Perfect Work Schedule For Your Team

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Employees scheduling

What is employees scheduling?

The perfect Hubstaff employee scheduling app schedule that saves a company money and time is a custom fit that many managers strive to attain in order to make the most out of their production hours. Unfortunately, it is such a hard target to achieve that many only dream about it. This is not about perfection at all as none of us can actually attain it. Perfect scheduling means making the most of every available second to make your entity more effective in completing tasks for the customers. Despite the technology available to support managers quest to come up with the ultimate best schedules, relying on many autonomous tools makes it harder to streamline operations of any operation.

Getting a work schedule for your team right the first time

What are you currently using for your employee schedules, there has to be a method of some sort that is in use allocating tasks to employees and keeping track of what hours  are worked and who is supposed to be on duty. Whether it’s the good ol pen and paper or you are relying on a number of time trackers and online scheduling apps, there are some important things that you must bear in mind when creating your work schedule. From building the right shifts that are fair and practical for your workforce to planning for the worst case scenario and emergency situations here are your top ten concerns if you are to build the perfect custom work schedule for your firm.

Important considerations when making the perfect work schedule

Adequate staffing

When you start out your work schedule, first and foremost, make sure that all shifts required have enough hands on deck. This means to cater for when the demand might rise. It’s not much about certainty as is with all other aspects of planning but giving room for contingencies as well as reasonably staffing all activities. For instance, ti makes sense to hire a bartender Friday and Saturday night shifts but not lunch shifts on weekdays.

Consider events that might cause spikes

Planning should take into consideration that the curve might not always be normal due to high and low seasons. There are events local and external that can cause the demand for more hands to rise and hence the risk of being understaffed. Always leave room for adjustments and let your schedule reflect the events like festivals, concerts and performances that might increase your customers. Every industry has some peak and low season, at least most of them do and it’s your job as the manager to analyses trends and predict what might happen. The Hubstaff employee scheduling app always gets the numbers right then  you plan for it, follow the numbers. And never get caught off-guard!

Recheck work schedule for errors

If you are using hub staff to schedule your workers you are less likely to have errors in your timetable. Just the same, entry errors are possible if you choose to enter employee data manually. Checking your schedule again will give you the peace of mind that you have not included a person who is no longer with you or something. It sounds obvious that you should go through the Hubstaff employee scheduling app  schedule once complete but you might be surprised how many legit complaints can be raised regarding a particular schedule. Many mistakes are not that obvious and these could lead to disgruntled employees or overworked and underpaid ones.

In a nutshell, creating your work schedule is a custom tailoring business. Don’t rush or countless hours and potential might be going to waste not to mention all the monies you might be wrongfully paying out in overtime and double scheduling. 

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