User analytics platform Mixpanel launches initiative for startups and nonprofits

Josiah Motley · November 7, 2018 · Short URL:

The new services will allow both to receive data insights for a fraction of the cost

Data drives the world. It's become all but a requirement in most aspects of a business. Want to know how an ad is doing on Facebook? There's data for that. Want to know your potential market for a new product or service? There's definitely data for that. There is even data for predicting Halloween costume trends, because why not?

The problem is, however, a lot of the time that data is unobtainable without forking over a lot of cash. For nonprofits and startups, this can slow down various aspects of the business and prevent services from launching and prevent effective outreach for campaigns. 

Mixpanel, a company that focuses on user analytics, is now working on a solution for that. With clients like Shutterfly, DocuSign, and Hinge already trusting the company with its data analytics needs, startups and nonprofits can take advantage of these features at a substantial discount.

Says Amir Movafaghi, CEO of Mixpanel,

"Building a product that customers can't live without starts with a deep understanding of their needs. With access to Mixpanel's most advanced features, startups can do complex behavioral analysis and collaborate across their teams to unlock faster growth."

What is does this announcement mean for startups and nonprofits?

According to the release, startups with under 50 employees that have been in operation for less than three years can receive huge discounts on the service - to the tune of 90% off the Enterprise level of service.

If startups do not fall into those categories, Mixpanel will apparently still work with the company to find a solution that benefits everyone.

For nonprofit organizations, the company will provide up to 10,000 free Monthly Tracked Users, plus an 80% discount for additional tracked users. 

With advanced user behavior analysis features, automatic insights and A/B testing, the examples above can not only grow, but retain a solid customer base, as well.

Nonprofits are already excited about the new announcement, with David Hunt, Head of Digital at Breast Cancer Care, stating, 

"Breast Cancer Care is absolutely delighted with Mixpanel's new initiative, allowing us to access advanced insights. As we're currently developing ways to improve the experience of women with breast cancer who use our app, BECCA, these in-depth analytics and targeted engagements are vital."

You can find the full press release here.

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