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Startups in the area of precision health

As part of our SplashX Invent Health salons, co-hosted by HP, we have a segment focused on emerging treatment models. Here we gather younger startups with unique, promising and innovative business models.

At our September event, SplashX Invent Health: Precision Health, the four companies that took the stage were:  Optina DiagnosticsBiomarker Labs and Remedy Health

Mark Goldstein, Chairman of UCSF Health Hub, was our emcee. 

Thanks to HP and Vator for hosting the event. Thanks to HP for being the main sponsor and thanks to our other sponsors: Avison YoungAdvsrStratpoint and Scrubbed 

NOTE: Save the date, our next salon is on Vitality - Healthy lifestyle as a drug, a look at wellness and prevention and behavioral change as the prescription for better health. JOIN us on December 13 at HP's headquarter in Palo Alto. Get Early Bird tickets or become a member. Join Esther Dyson (Wellville), Munjal Shah (HealthIQ), Hemalee Patel (Crossover Health/Facebook), Seth Serxner, Senior Health Officer (UnitedHealthcare Optum), David Utley (Carrot) and more. 

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Remedy Health


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Remedy catches chronic disease early to drive better outcomes for patients and savings for health systems.
Remedy's AI turns the humble health risk assessment forms mandated for Medicare annual wellness visits into a machine learning engine to capture clinically relevant insights and recommend actionable next steps. The platform guides care coordinators through evidence-based diagnostic phone interviews to identify patients who have an undiscovered chronic disease. The AI leverages the latest in interpretable deep learning and reinforcement learning technologies to dynamically construct a 10-15 minute interview specific to each patient, capturing relevant social determinants of health and disease-specific symptomatology. This effectively filters a subset of patients to bring in for an annual wellness visit and further testing, when appropriate. This is the first step to guiding each chronic patient into the care pathway and care management program that works best for them.
In doing so, Remedy helps focus scarce clinical resources to the patients who need it most and drive rapid ROI by speeding up accurate, specific, and complete code capture to make sure that value-based health systems are adequately compensated for the chronic disease burden they are bearing today. Importantly, this data loop that matches patient state to care plan and outcomes forms the basis for a self-improving algorithm that learns from each case that passes through the Remedy platform.

Biomarker Labs


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Biomarker Labs is a venture-backed, AI-driven quantified-self company built by a team of world-leading data scientists, MD’s and personalized nutrition experts.

Biomarker allows consumers to use their own health data to see how the dietary product(s) they purchase impact their health.

Our mission is to quantify marketing health claims in order to give brands and their consumers the data on which to make informed, beneficial decisions.

Optina Diagnostic


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Optina’s Retinal Deep Phenotyping platform addresses the major challenges
faced by the healthcare system related to an aging population.
Recently, Optina was granted breakthrough device designation by the FDA for our first indication in Alzheimer’s Disease detection which enables a dramatic improvement in the diagnostic accuracy of dementia.
Our ecosystem comprised of a proprietary platform and a network of eye clinics creates a new and efficient means for simple patient stratification. The ecosystem allows for the collection of data rich retinal images with 30X more information than current retinal imaging platforms.
Algorithm development utilizes a ground truth that is based on specifically characterized patients from leading institutions around the world.
With our developing product pipeline, Optina continues to bring clarity and accessibility to early-stage diagnosis, improving the life of millions.


David Lapointe

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President and CEO, Optina An entrepreneur by nature with a keen eye for identifying opportunities. Results-oriented with a mission to benefit the advancement of the healthcare industry with a ROI for stakeholders.

Mark Goldstein

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Managing Partner, Founder, Bad Ass Advisors

Michael Ng

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Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Remedy Health | Architected Remedy's value proposition, business model, and go-to-market strategy | Responsible for overseeing strategy, finance, and operations

Garrett Ruhland

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Founder & CEO at Biomarker Labs.