Daily funding roundup - September 13th, 2018

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Applied Intuition has raised $11.5M; HYP3R raised $17M;  Coda Biotherapeutics raised $19M

Singularity 6: Singularity 6 explores new styles of game design and tackling difficult technical problems to create worlds that are beautiful and intricate, delivering far more than superficial entertainment or basic wish fulfillment, experiences that becomes a meaningful part of your life. Singularity 6 has raised $2.5 million in seed funding. Read more »

Bloom Credit: Bloom Credit was created with the idea in mind that there could be a “win - win” between customers and the financial institutions that serve them. No longer does it make sense to live in an age where institutions win and customers lose. Both banks and individuals alike are starting to feel the effects of this system, and it calls for a change. Bloom Credit Raises $3.87 million in seed funding. Read more »

Growers: Growers is a leader in the field of process and data-driven farming, Growers provides a full-service and field-tested solution to farmers that are looking for ways to maximize productivity on every inch of their land.Growers has raised $5 million in Series A financing. Read more »

Wellth: Founded in 2014, Wellth is a team of designers, MD’s, and PhD’s all devoted to the singular mission of helping chronic disease patients change their behaviors and build lasting healthy habits. Wellth improves care plan compliance with incentive strategies, saving the healthcare system billions. Wellth raised $5.1 million in seed funding. Read more »

Applied Intuition: Applied Intuition is building advanced simulation and infrastructure tools for the autonomous vehicle industry. Their goal is to allow companies pursuing AV technology to accelerate their software development process while ensuring that their AV products are safe for consumers. Applied Intuition, has raised $11.5 million Series A funding. Read more »

HYP3R: HYP3R develops a marketing platform that allows businesses and brands to identify influential customers at their locations and engage them in real-time. San Francisco based company has raised $17 million in Series A funding. Read more »

CODA Biotherapeutics: CODA Biotherapeutics’ revolutionary chemogenetic platform aims to control the activity of cells to treat disease. With chemogenetics, the goal is to modify a target cell population using gene therapy to express a tunable “switch” protein. Coda Biotherapeutics has raised $19 million in Series A funding. Read more »

System1 Biosciences: System1 Biosciences is dedicated to find better treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders like epilepsy, autism, and schizophrenia. The impact of these diseases on patients, families, and society is immense, and traditional approaches to identifying treatment have mostly failed. System1 Biosciences has raised $25 million in Series A financing. Read more »

StockX: StockX is a platform for buying and selling authentic sneakers. StockX operates in a similar fashion as the world’s major stock markets. Buyers make “bids” for the items they want, meaning they tell the market what they’re willing to pay for a given item. Sellers set “asks” for the sneakers they’re willing to sell on the market, meaning they tell the market what they’re willing to sell the item for. StockX has raised $44 million in Series B funding. Read more »

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