Do’s & Don’ts for Running a Successful Help Desk Call Center

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Do’s & don’ts that you should keep in your mind in order to run a successful help desk call center.

To boost the business growth, it is imperative to offer impeccable help desk services so that customers don’t have to deal with technical issues. For the same reason, some organisations get in touch with reputed BPO firms while others opt to run house help desk internally.

Questioning the prowess of BPO companies does not make sense as these are specialised service providers. But what about the reliability of those companies that try to render reliable help desk services on their own.

Let’s shed some more light on this factor. Companies that have a team of in-house help desk agents, usually don’t know what they should do and what they shouldn’t. Owing to this, poor productivity issues occur at the later stages.

Today, we come up with some do’s & don’ts that you should keep in your mind in order to run a successful help desk call center:

Do: Hire competent candidates

A team of adept help desk agents is the secret that always helps the BPO firms in delivering the desired services. On the contrary, companies that prefer to run an in-house help desk call center, always face the hassle of poor productivity.     

Therefore, it is very crucial to appoint competent candidates.

In addition, incompetent in-house help desk agents not only bring undesirable results but also ruin the brand image. So, it is highly suggested to evaluate the technical and communication skills of the potential help desk agent at the time of the interview as that’s how you can maintain business’s credibility. To ensure that no issues pop up in the near future, it is imperative to tell the interviewees about the workload.

All in all, competent candidates should be appointed in order to secure the business’s reputation.

Do: Make use of help desk ticketing system

To run a successful help desk call center, it is vital to make use of modern technology. That’s why it is always recommended to invest money in the help desk ticketing system. This system plays a major role in boosting the productivity levels.

Here are top four benefits of help desk ticketing system:

  1. It helps the agents to solve more tickets within a short period of time. Needless to say, faster ticket resolution always ensures high CSAT score.
  2. It ensures that ticket backlogs don’t cross a certain level. This means no extra burden on the help desk staff, which, in turn, leads to reduced agent attrition rate.
  3. It helps in rendering personalised services, consequently strengthening the business’s reputation.
  4. It enhances the customer experience level by sending automated updates.

Aforementioned benefits explained that how help desk ticketing system can ensure a smoother way for the business.

Don’t: Interrupt the customers

Sometimes help desk staff forgets this factor and doesn’t let customers speak during the interaction. This happens because help desk agents always get the idea about the issue after listening to the customer’s initial words. In order to provide swift resolutions, agents start interrupting the customers.

This affects the CSAT score because customers want to talk about the unpleasant experience that they got while dealing with issues.

So, it is vitally important for the help desk agents to never interrupt the customers during the interaction.

Don’t: Be silent   

The mistake that help desk agents often commit during the customer interaction is ‘Not giving updates.’ To save resources or leave an everlasting impression, help desk agents mostly take the remote access of the customer’s system. After that, agents start doing their work silently. This sometimes drives the customers up the wall.

This is so because there is a high possibility that agents may take more than enough time to wipe-out the intricate issues. Consequently, customers could lose their patience, which, in turn, may affect the CX level.

Hence, it is very necessary to give an update on the progress after the regular intervals to customers. This will surely build the business’s credibility.

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