Proxeus has now released the beta version of its WordPress-like blockchain solution

Josiah Motley · July 23, 2018 · Short URL:

This beta comes less than six months after their $25 million ICO

Blockchain. It's a big word, one that many still get overwhelmed by, and rightfully so. The technology is new, the terminology can be confusing, and with so much buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies and ICO regulations, it's easy to forget that blockchain is so much bigger.

One thing that will help companies and startups understand the process behind them is easy to use tools. Much like what WordPress and other CMSs did for website design, there are now blockchain companies looking to give that same accessibility to the digital ledger.

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One such company, Proxeus, who recently registered a business on blockchain, has now released the beta of their service which will allow those without vast knowledge of blockchain and coding the ability to create workflows and also register documents on a testnet blockchain.

“This is a big milestone for Proxeus,” says co-founder Antoine Verdon. “For the first time, we are able to show that our technology is real and truly demonstrate the value we are delivering to the blockchain ecosystem. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and are very excited to hear what the community has to say about it.”

This beta has functionality that has been showcased in various projects, including a University of Basel project for issuing certificates and WWF Switzerland’s tax donation verification system. This will give both small creators and larger enterprises an easy way to dip into the world of blockchain and its various systems and functionality, without so much of the technical jargon usually associated with the field.

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