StockPitch partners with S&P Global Market Intelligence to provide stock market analytic tools

Josiah Motley · June 12, 2018 · Short URL:

Will cater to both casual and serious investors looking to keep up with an ever-changing market

If you're serious about investing but don't spend your days on Wall Street and deep inside public conference calls dealing with earnings, you could use some help.

As trading becomes more democratized, platforms continue to pop up that give both casual and serious investors a convenient and easy way to invest. With that comes a need for investment tools that give these same levels of investors an easy, quick method of delivering breaking stock and financial information.

That's where StockPitch comes in. For a cool $9.99 a month, investors get access to an easy-to-grasp platform and, through a partnership with S&P Global Market Intelligence, constantly updated trade and stock information. 

Through S&P, these valuations get fed into a proprietary ranking system called Stock Finder, that organizes companies listed by things like upside potential and discounts in relation to comparable companies.

StockPitch compiles a couple different analytics reports, both "Comparable Company" and "Discounted Cash Flow" valuations are present on the platform. The comparable companies option is pretty straightforward, the platform will compile similar companies of interest and allow users to browse numerous financial metrics in relation to similar companies.

The Discounted Cash Flow valuations are also extremely helpful and uses the time value of money to determine what could, or could not be, a good investment opportunity. 

The platform also includes a host of other features, including watch lists, news aggregation, and access to historical financial data.

When first researching StockPitch, my main concern was definitely price, as this seemed like the perfect tool for someone that uses apps like Robinhood or services like TDAmeritrade frequently, and it is good to see that the price point is very realistic for anybody serious about investing.

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