Blackbell offers business owners an all-in-one solution for selling their services online

Josiah Motley · June 4, 2018 · Short URL:

Includes features that make selling your services seamless and straightforward

When you're starting a business or looking to offer services to your customers online, there are plenty of options available for the various pieces of the process - website design, ecommerce carts, marketing, etc. 

The issue is that even with many of the popular solutions like WordPress and Shopify, the parts are segmented and still require different plugins and applications to accomplish all the different aspects - especially when dealing with a service industry that requires bookings and time schedules that can overlap. This can all be a bit overwhelming for those not familiar. There are also the various issues with compatibility, as updates to the CMS can affect the different plugins, and vice-versa.

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That's where something like Blackbell comes into play.  Not only does it combine many of the aspects of a traditional Content Management system, but it can be used by businesses of any size to help manage services and bring together external suppliers into multivendor channels and marketplaces.

The software contains a variety of baked-in functionality and forms that you can use for your business but also offers plenty of customization if that is a route you desire to go. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is also included, which will allow you to tie in orders with customers to paint a bigger picture of your overall business. 

Other features include live chat widgets for your visitors, coupon generation, a mobile app for monitoring orders and customers, analytics, and various other pieces to complete the puzzle.

Blackbell may not be the answer for all website and ecommerce businesses, but if you're creating a service marketplace then it definitely contains many of the tools you'll need to run the business efficiently. 

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