Education ecosystem burning 30 million education tokens (LEDU) on July 31st, 2018

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Users on the LiveEdu platform will use Education tokens (LEDU) for all transactions in the ecosystem

Users on the LiveEdu platform - the first for the Education Ecosystem, will use Education tokens (LEDU) for all transactions in the ecosystem. Tokens minted following the crowdsale were allocated for different purposes, as explained in this article. Due to a change in the original plan for sourcing of tokens to use on the LiveEdu platform, 30 million Education tokens will be burned on July 31st 2018.

The tokens that viewers will use on LiveEdu for all transactions, will be sourced from exchanges instead of from the subscription pool. As a result, a portion of the subscription pool tokens will be burned. In addition, a portion of the tokens originally allocated for API Ecosystem Developers and Supporters (Quality Assurance & Moderation) will be burned and sourced from exchanges if further tokens are required.


New Offices

Education Ecosystem will soon be opening two offices in Kiev and Santa Monica. They are in the process of hiring 3 new engineers who will be joining the team at the engineering office in Kiev.

In 2019, they will also be opening a China office as they continue expansion into the Asia Pacific region. With three offices in areas where the majority of their users are located they will be able to provide more value to the ecosystem and achieve their goal of becoming the world’s largest project learning platform, decentralized on the blockchain.

Get Education Token (LEDU)

Get Education tokens now with ETH or BTC on Bibox or Read more about Education token on their project page and ask any questions you might have in their Telegram group chat.

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