Egnyte is bringing content governance to the Microsoft ecosystem

Josiah Motley · April 18, 2018 · Short URL:

Will allow organizations to classify and secure private data across a full range of Microsoft tools

Content governance and security continues to be a growing factor for businesses of all sizes. As more processes and documentation find housing in cloud storage, having a system to monitor and secure content that could store sensitive information is of the utmost importance. 

Egnyte, a company that focuses on content governance through their Protect solution, has recently announced that their service is now compatible with the Microsoft ecosystem. Services included with this are OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Windows File Servers. These add-ons will allow organizations full control over the content that is being used on these platforms, to make sure everything is secure and being done in accordance with organization standards and systems.

“Egnyte Protect is changing the way data management and data protection have been done in the past. As the only SaaS-based solution in the space, Egnyte Protect does not require hardware infrastructure and can be deployed within just a few hours, creating a very quick time-to-value,” said Jeff Sizemore, VP of Governance and Compliance at Egnyte. “Expanding beyond our Egnyte Connect environment and into the Microsoft ecosystem is just the beginning. We will continue to develop the Egnyte Protect functionality into other popular content repositories, such as Amazon, Dropbox, Google, and more.”

Considering how many businesses utilize at least some portion of Microsoft repositories in the workplace, these new features from Egnyte are surely welcome by current users and certainly opens the company to additional clientele, as well.

There are also plans for additional functionality, but that will not be made public until later in the year, according to the release. 

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