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Accelerators targeting B2B companies

They include Amplifi, TiE LaunchPad, L-Spark and Alchemist Accelerator

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March 29, 2018
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For startups, there are numerous paths for getting their name out there. One way, which Vator has been covering recently, are startup competitions, but another popular method to get a foot in the door, as well as some funding and traction, are accelerators. These are programs that provide companies advice, guidance and various forms of support for startups in their early stages. They also often invest in the companies, for a certain equity stake.

Need a list of startup competitions, challenges, accelerators, etc. from around the world? Check out VatorX. You can find them, or list yours!

There are some very well-known accelerators out there, including Y Combinator and 500 Startups, which have made their names through various successful alumni. Those programs fairly general, accepting companies from a variety of different spaces. 

For some companies, it may help to join an accelerator that only focuses on their specific area. That's especially true for those in more specialized spaces, which will have their own unique challenges and regulations.

Here are some of the accelerators that are focused specifically on mentoring companies in the B2B space:



"We are helping to build the next generation of great SaaS companies. With our four month program, hands-on mentorship, and network of world-class operators, we act as an extension of our teams and help them prosper. We invite you to join us – together, we will build the future of technology."

Investment amount: Every company has different fundraising needs. We provide individual guidance in fundraising strategy and make introductions to angel and institutional investors.

Program benefits: 

  • One year of AWS credits up to $100K
  • Google Cloud Platform credits, access to architecture reviews and technical mentors, 24/7 support, and more
  • IBM Global Entrepreneur up to $120K in cloud credits
  • LaunchDarkly first 4 months free
  • Chart Mogul free up to $10k MRR; $50 off each plan after
  • TalentIQ up to 2,000 free API calls (net new) and up to 10,000 free API calls (enrichment)

Mentor makeup: Max Altschuler, Leslley Young, Tien Tzuo, Barbra Gago, Adam Evans, Ryan Petersen

Portfolio companies: Allbound, Glassbreakers, Nova, TalentIQ


Alchemist Accelerator

"The Alchemist Accelerator is an accelerator exclusively for startups whose revenue comes from enterprises, not consumers. We are passionate about the needs of enterprise seed ventures, and believe they are different enough to warrant a program specifically for them. The accelerator focuses on enterprise customer development, sales (direct and online), market validation, and a structured path to fundraising. We have the most sought after advisor faculty, guest lecturers, venture capitalists, and Fortune 100 customers primed to be resources for you. And we are very excited about building a fellowship of founders building change the world companies that sell to the enterprise."

Investment amount: The program will provide a small cash investment in the form of a note you can take if you like. It will depend on the number of founders on the team. The program has a "tuition" charge -- we'll provide additional capital in the note to cover the tuition charge. The average cash investment is $36K (net of the additional cash provided to cover the tuition fee).

There is an ask of single-digit common equity that will vary depending on the business. The accelerator may also ask for the right to invest a minority / non-threatening co-investment in your Series A. The average ask is 5.0% of equity but there is a wide range.

Program benefits: The program does provide co-working space in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and limited space in Menlo Park (all space is subject to availability). You do not need to use our co-working space to participate in the program. We want you to choose an environment you like for building your culture and team.

Portfolio companies: Jirav, CryptoMove, Zipongo, MobileSpan


"The L-Spark Accelerator is the destination for enterprise SaaS and cloud startups to connect with canada’s saas experts and propel their revenues to $100k MRR or 10x revenue growth."

Investment amount: L-SPARK does not take equity upfront. However, if your startup is successful in raising funds during the program or up to 12 months after your graduation, L-SPARK will receive equity in the startup proportionate to 6% of the total investment round.

For example, if a startup raises a seed round of $1 million at a valuation of $6 million:
- 6% of $1 million is $60,000 
- $60,000 of $6 million equates to L-SPARK receiving 1% in equity

Program benefits: Not specified 

Mentor makeup: Intekhab Alam, Peter Becke, Claude Haw, Tyler Nelson

Portfolio companies: Filefacets, EssayJack, Cliniconex, Mydoma Studio


"TiE LaunchPad is an accelerator for enterprise-focused startups. We accept up to 8 companies per batch for a 5 month program run at TiE Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, CA. The core focus of the program is to help enterprise startups validate their business and prepare for their first round of funding."


Investment amount: Each company receives $50,000 in convertible notes. We also ask that our TiE LaunchPad investors be allowed, if they choose, to invest up to 10% of your next round.

There is a program fee of 4% common equity.

Program benefits: TiE LaunchPad has a multi-pronged approach to help you accelerate the development of your startup. First is a curriculum of workshops. You will get to hear from a number of speakers who will share best practices on entrepreneurship including selling, hiring, financials, fund raising and more. You are expected to get out of the building and validate your solution, pricing model, channel strategy and other aspects of your business. Second, to help you with this, you select a dedicated mentor with relevant domain expertise. This mentor will offer strategic and tactical guidance, and help put you in touch with industry contacts who can validate your business. And, finally, you will have access to TiE events and programs, office hours by experts and more. All of this is done to help you build the data points needed for a successful fund raising effort.

Mentor makeup: Anshu Sharma, Monica Hein, Parmeet Chaddha, Vipin Jain

Portfolio companies: Akasia, Gloopt, PayStand, Zenyx


"We operate a structured, custom-designed, super-intense accelerator program aimed at helping early-stage enterprise SaaS startup founders to scale their ventures, globally"

Investment amount: Amplifi takes 3% mentor (sweat) equity part of which is upfront and balance based on milestones. We will take at-valuation equity for the capital we put in, if any. We are not an investment bank so take no fees for funds raised through our investor-introductions.

Program benefits:  

  • Founders get mentored by the core team - accomplished entrepreneurs - with focus on product-market fit, operating-at-scale, sales & marketing, go to market. Founders can also access hand-picked external mentors on-demand.
  • Founders get access to the repository of knowledge garnered by the core team over years of working with large, global enterprise customers across different industry verticals. Founders get deep insights on technology & industry trends and what customers want. This is priceless.
  • We spare no expense to make sure our cohort startups are connected on a regular basis to the most relevant B2B tech investors - angels & and family offices, seed funds, early-stage VCs. Our network of investors is spread across Asia, Middle East and USA. We have done away with investor demo days and connect startups to investors on a case to case basis.

Portfolio companies: Trilyo, Tellofy, Varsito, Anvaya, Travdots,, Keito, Bricapp, Superwise, Bestosys, Virtual Spaces, FansWifi, RGuardian


 Thinkwrap Commerce

"Thinkwrap FLASH, which is an acronym for Full Lifecycle Accelerator with Service & Hosting, is designed for B2B and B2C brands that want to go to market faster and with lower costs than a fully customized enterprise implementation."

Investment amount: Not specified

Program benefits:  

  • Built-in tools for advanced personalization
  • Responsive web design templates
  • Working storefront templates based on best-practice storefront design
  • Flexible fulfillment options including in-store pickup and convenient return options
  • Built-in checkout options including guest checkout, multi-step and express
  • Support for B2C and B2B customers
  • Pre-built integrations, including CyberSource, Moneris Solutions, Cloudflare, Spring Integration, ExactTarget, Canada Post, Purolator, Image Magick, Google Analytics Pro, Google Places, Avalara and Bazaarvoice.

Portfolio companies: Not specified

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