Webflow releases new suite of ecommerce tools for its website builder

Josiah Motley · March 20, 2018 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/4b3e

Will allow full customization of your ecommerce store without the need to know any coding

Ecommerce continues to change the landscape of retail. A quick look at current events like the shutdown of Toys 'R' Us shutdowns, and one can easily see the importance in having a strong online presence for your products. No one can currently touch Amazon, they are just too large and convenient, but that doesn't mean that your own online store shouldn't be of top priority, either.

Amazon is great for getting your product in front of a bunch of eyes, but shopping is half of the experience, and all Amazon listings basically have the same, emotionless experience tied to them. Having a solid online store can help give customers a better feel of you, and your business. You can obviously pay a person or team to do this, but that option is not always affordable or even easy. Thankfully, there are multiple online website builders that can help see your vision come to life - for the most part.

The big player in this market is most certainly Shopify. If you've bought something online through directly through a boutique or retailer, there is a good chance that it was made with Shopify. Shopify is great and for many people it works perfectly fine, but there are other options out there that may fit a particular need or service, as well. Website builder, Webflow, can now be added to the list of ecommerce solutions available to entrepreneurs and businesses.

Released this week, Webflow's new ecommerce suite allows users to make robust ecommerce websites, widgets, and pages using the same tools and ideas that make Webflow websites possible. Instead of many ecommerce solutions, where you have to try and build a website around your store, this allows everything to happen naturally and simultaneously.

What makes Webflow a valid contender in the world of website building, and now ecommerce, is how streamline it is to build unique websites without knowing any code. Essentially, it allows you to design and develop the website at the same time, helping guarantee the look and feel is correct as you build it. The built in photo editing tools actually building the code as you design so it transitions exactly how you'd expect onto the website, giving builders even more control over their look. 

"Webflow’s e-commerce platform allows modern brands, agencies and companies to create unique and vibrant shopping experiences without a single line of code," says Webflow CTO Bryant Chou. "You'll be able to spin up landing pages, banners, promotions, in minutes, not days or weeks. It will be like having a team of developers at your fingertips."

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