With the ever-growing list of crypto assets, one company is creating an eBay style marketplace

Josiah Motley · March 9, 2018 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/4b2a

Rare Bits allows users to buy and sell assets that have been collected on other crypto platforms

As more usages for blockchain and cryptocurrencies come to realization, new services emerge to answer the needs of this constantly growing (and changing) crypto economy. One recent example of this are the centralized marketplaces for buying and selling crypto assets that users obtain on other platforms. 

We're all familiar with eBay, right? A marketplace to buy and sell things, but what about digital assets? Well, that is where something like Rare Bits comes in. Specializing in assets built on blockchain, the service is a marketplace that allows users to make listings for assets like CryptoKitties and CryptoCelebrities. These crypto games and collectibles applications are a great example of new ways to utilize the emerging products and markets that are being made on the blockchain infrastructure.

Rare Bits was created by four serial entrepreneurs who have had successful exits with Google, Zynga, and fantasy sports platform, FanDuel. More than just a marketplace, the service can also help gauge market insights and monitors trends for the ever-growing products and assets that blockchain tech can provide. The wallet system for the platform uses Ether and gives users a Pinterest-style display to easily manage their assets. 

With this growing market, users on these platforms are looking for ways to grow their game collections and assets and Rare Bits brings these buyers and sellers together on a free marketplace to make those trades as streamlined as possible, and bring it higher levels of exposure. Take for example the Mythereum listings. Mythereum is a card game akin to Magic the Gathering or Pokemon and the bigger (and better) your card library, the better your competitive advantage will be when playing against opponents.

This entire economy is constantly evolving, but having places that give actionable results and validation to these types of crypto assets will be the vehicles used to ease users into the world of blockchain based games and services.

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