Skrumble Network looks to address fragmentation in communication services through blockchain tech

Josiah Motley · March 6, 2018 · Short URL:

Will use blockchain to democratize communication and add additional levels of security for users

What communication services do you use on a daily basis? Discord? Slack? GoToMeeting? Most of us are using a combination of these nearly daily and quite frankly, it can be a bit confusing when you're trying to figure out where to reach someone. The problem is that all of these services do certain aspects better than others (if at all) and it ends with fragmentation when trying to connect with people all over the world.

The Skrumble Network is hoping to alleviate those woes with a service that will include almost everything a user could need for communicating. Users will be able to chat, make voice and video calls, set up conferencing and file transfers, and even send secured payments through the platform. Usage examples for the platform include things like freelance marketplaces and virtual showrooms where users can host shows and talks for viewers. This becomes particularly interesting when users can exchange currencies directly in these shows.

All of this comes with high levels of security and protection through blockchain technology and decentralized servers. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with centralized servers, they simply are more prone to issues with data security - and when you're sending and receiving potentially sensitive data, any additional guarantee that your data and information is secure is always welcome.

In addition to these decentralized servers, Skrumble will use a unique system to provide encrypted keys for file transfers. The algorithm that provides the keys will use randomized key data and session identification to make sure that only people who participated in the conversation have access to the files. This is yet another feature that prioritizes users' privacy and security. In addition, users are encouraged to use screen names that are not necessarily inline with their real life personas - all in an effort to keep their information secure and make pinpointing particular people more difficult.

There will be a token associated with the service, the SKM utility token. These will be used to offer certain levels of membership for users and premium features. One example presented would be if a user wants to transfer a file that exceeds the set limit for their account. Through the use of the SKM token, the user would be able to basically "bump up" their service to allow the file transfer to go through. There are also plans to reward users with these tokens through a reward systems, and while there have been no official examples, one could expect that high levels of usage might reward them with some a small amount of tokens that could be used for the premium features.

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