New infographic shows how business data continues to grow in size

File sharing service, Egnyte, breaks down the numbers to show growth amongst SMBs and Enterprise

Technology trends and news by Josiah Motley
February 14, 2018
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As more companies continue to realize the importance of data in their day-to-day activities and overall business model, one question that continues to arise is how companies are storing this data and in what ways that can be improved. Startups and services continue to figure out solutions to data storage woes, with Egnyte being one example of an data solution looking to continue to improve the experience for businesses of all sizes.

One question the company recently posed was how has the actual amount of data grown over the past few years and where these increases are being found. This new infographic is a visual representation of that information.

The entire infograph can be found below, but there are a couple interesting takeaways to point out. This info is taken from over 14 petabytes of data that Egnyte has stored and collected over the years. Obviously, data has grown in sheer amounts, but one aspect to take note of is that individual file sizes have slowly grown over the years. In 2015, the average file size was 2.59mb and when we fast forward to 2017 that number has grown to 3.13mb.

This might not seem like a huge jump on a per-file basis, but it does not take long to realize that when you compound that for the countless files many companies store, it definitely adds up quickly for a business - enterprise or otherwise. 

One of the biggest factors to these increased numbers is in the storage of images. As computer screens continue to produce better image quality, photos have to be stored at higher qualities. Once you also factor in that audiences are typically drawn to bigger, prettier images, you begin to understand where the 29% growth for the storage required for images is coming from. 

That is but thing highlighted in the report from Egnyte, you can find infographic in its entirety below!